Pain in back and neck muscles is pretty much par for the course when it comes to computer work.

Rounded shoulders, turtled head and a concave chest are all signs of poor desk posture.

What you may not realize is that all the accompanying aches and pains are most likely caused by trigger points.

What are trigger points? They’re tiny areas of spasm in the muscles, and they’re as common as cell phones, but a lot less useful.

Trigger points most frequently cause pain in back and neck muscles, but the trouble can show up anywhere in the body.

In fact, the vast majority of muscle pain is due to trigger points, not things like accidents or injuries.

Neuromuscular therapy, aka trigger point massage, was developed specifically to tackle trigger point pain.

The most common muscles that develop trigger points due to poor desk posture are the traps and rhomboids in the back, and the pecs on the front of the body.

Trigger points in the rhomboids can make the area next the shoulder blades very tender, or it may feel like a burning sensation.

You may also hear crunching or snapping when you move your shoulder blades.

The traps are also located in the back and their trigger points can also cause a burning sensation that extends across the back.

The pecs are the big muscles of the chest. Trigger points in the pecs can spans the chest and may even go up into the shoulder and down the arm all the way to the elbow.

While other, more serious causes of chest pain should be ruled out by a doctor, most chest pain is not due to issues such as heart trouble. It’s trigger points.

Other causes of trigger points in these muscles besides too much time sitting in front of a screen include stress, falls, whiplash, and certain sleeping positions, such as lying on your stomach.

Worse, trigger points can activate other trigger points, creating a vicious cycle and making you miserable.

Standard medical treatment for back pain includes pain pills and surgery, but trigger point therapy offers safe, drug-free, 100% natural, long-lasting relief.

Neuromuscular massage works even if the problem has been troubling you for months or even years.

No matter if the problem area is in your neck, back or anywhere else, a single session can be all you need to experience total relief.

Regular appointments are also available for those with recurring issues.

The Back & Neck Relief Center (aka Massage Revolution) is the largest trigger point massage treatment center in Los Angeles and the world.

Massage Revolution accepts PPO insurance, and member savings plans are also available.

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