Trigger Point Massage Therapy


Trap Pain

Back and neck pain affect everyone from school children to the elderly, and it’s one of the most common reasons people miss work.[...]
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For Posture Problems, Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Got Tummy Trouble? Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Whether December is ever the most wonderful time of year is debatable, but this year we can safely say, No, it is not. But just because parties are canceled doesn’t always mean party-style eating is.[...]
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Ditch your Headaches with Trigger Point Massage Therapy

We’ve had a lot of downs in 2020: less going in to the office, less travel, less face-to-face social interaction. But other things are up. For example, there’s been an exponential explosion of the wearing of sweatpants.[...]
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Say Goodbye to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Even pre-pandemic, there was a major spike in repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) corresponding to the increased use of computers, mobile devices and work-related stress.[...]
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Relieve Your Sciatica With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

The vast majority of people will experience back pain during their life. About one out of every three people say that low back pain impacts their everyday activities, including sleep. Sciatica is a common cause of low back pain, but did you know that trigger points are frequently the cause[...]
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How To Move Better Today With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Back pain. Just about all of us has experienced it. The pain can hit you out of the blue and stop you cold. You might have been innocently putting on a shoe, or maybe you were just reaching for a box of cereal. However and whenever it hits you, low[...]
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Sit Too Much? Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Between telecommuting and the extended stay-at-home order, most of us have been spending way too much time with our butt in a chair. If sitting is the new smoking, we’ve become the equivalent of chainsmokers. All this butt-parking has caused a huge pain — in your back and in your[...]
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Trigger Point Massage Therapy Relieves Pain & Stress

We’re almost halfway through this year and no one would have predicted a couple of months back this strange new world we’d be living in. People are experiencing a lot of stress due to the uncertainty. If you’re looking for a natural way to relieve your stress, you should try[...]
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