What You NEED to Know About Whiplash

Whiplash injuries are very common and are primarily associated with car and rear-end collisions in particular. This is what happens when you’re rear ended…   It may seem logical to

Healing Time

How to Give a Great Massage

Many of us enjoy a great massage. Unfortunately, not all of us can get to the spa to unwind. A friend or relative may be able to provide a home

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Therapy Treatment

Massages are a great way to relax. The biggest drawback may be, they don’t last forever. But there are several things you can do to keep that relaxing feeling going

Can a Massage Therapist Near Me Help My Herniated Disks?

Everyone has discs that sit between the vertebrae in their spine. These discs have a jelly-like center called a nucleus that is encased in a rubbery surrounding called an annulus.

How Massage Therapy Near You Can Help You Get Past Your Whiplash Pain

Whiplash is a type of neck pain caused by forceful back-and-forth movement. It usually occurs during car accidents, but it can also be the result of a sports injury or

What We Can Learn from Professional Sports Massages

Massages play a vital role in athletic maintenance. Each pro sports team typically has its professional massage staff. They are essential to the athletes’ performance and recovery.

Can Massage Treat Golfer

If you have pain along the side of your forearm from the elbow to the wrist along the same side as your little finger, you may have medial epicondylitis.

What are the Different Types of Neck Pain?

Neck pain is not pleasant to deal with. Determining the causes and types of neck pain can help you find a pain-relieving solution.

Can Massage Improve Bad Posture

When your mother tells you to stand up straight, listen to her. Bad posture can cause a world of problems.

What are the Different Types of Neck Pain and How Can Massage Help?

Neck pain is a common issue for many individuals. It can affect you in different ways. But there is one common treatment, massage.

Massage vs. Physical Therapy Treatment: What’s the Difference?

If you are injured, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy promotes healing. It helps people overcome injuries like back pain, neck pain, and more.

How Massage Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals

2024 is upon us. Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions- and this time, we are determined to keep them! Massage can help you achieve your goals.

Can Massage Help Bursitis?

Best Massage Treatments for Acute and Chronic Pain

Different Types of Back Pain That Can Be Treated with Massage

Why a Massage Makes the Best Holiday Gift

Is a Deep Tissue Massage Right for Me?

How Massage Plays a Role in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often prescribed to patients with injuries or illnesses that make it difficult to perform daily tasks.

Massage Therapy Shown to Be Beneficial for Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune condition that causes communication between the muscles and nerves to break down. It causes muscles to feel weak and fatigued.

Can Massage Therapy Benefit Skin Health?

We all know massage is effective in relieving pain. But did you know it can also be beneficial to the skin? Massage reduces stress that can lead to skin conditions.

How Massage Relieves the Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a condition characterized by pain, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms. It can make it difficult to function. It can interfere with tasks like cooking meals and

How Massage Therapy Can Help Your Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a painful condition that can greatly reduce the quality of life. Fortunately, treatments are available. Research suggests that massage can minimize tennis elbow pain.

Discover the Top Professions That Need Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Massage is beneficial for many reasons. But one of its biggest advantages is its ability to treat repetitive stress injuries. It reduces pain and promotes circulation to encourage the healing

How Massage Can Help You Get Over Your Car Accident

A car accident is difficult to recover from. In addition to physical injuries, you may also be dealing with emotional trauma. You may be reliving the incident, making you scared

Here’s How Massage Improves Range of Motion!

Range of motion allows muscles to stretch to their full potential. It reduces the risk of injury during movement. It goes hand in hand with loose, relaxed muscles.

What is Mouse Shoulder and How Can I Treat It?

Also called computer shoulder, mouse shoulder is a condition that occurs from using the computer mouse without the proper support.

Sick All the Time? Massage Can Help

We all know that massage is effective in relieving pain and stress. But research shows that it can also be beneficial in boosting immunity. This is good news for people


The trapezius is a large muscle that extends from your mid-back up to your head and out to your shoulder. It may develop painful trigger points due to poor posture,


Low back pain is one of the main reasons people go to see a doctor. It’s also a prime reason people miss work.


Seven hours is the recommended amount of sleep for adults, but one out of every three people do not get this much.


Summer is a time for fun. It’s also a time to get stuff done.


Stiffness, soreness, and pain in back and neck muscles are an epidemic unto themselves.


Pain in back and neck muscles is pretty much par for the course when it comes to computer work.


Trigger points are the cause behind pain in back and neck muscles.


When was the last time you hopped out of bed and were excited to start your day?

Use Trigger Point Massage To Release Your Lats

While a lot of muscles that cause pain are hidden away, invisible to the naked eye, the latissimus dorsi is not one of them.


Stiff neck, torticollis, herniated disc, tension headache, neck strain, arthritis, these are just some of the common diagnoses for neck pain.

Trap Pain

Back and neck pain affect everyone from school children to the elderly, and it’s one of the most common reasons people miss work.

For Posture Problems, Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Got Tummy Trouble? Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Whether December is ever the most wonderful time of year is debatable, but this year we can safely say, No, it is not. But just because parties are canceled doesn’t

Ditch your Headaches with Trigger Point Massage Therapy

We’ve had a lot of downs in 2020: less going in to the office, less travel, less face-to-face social interaction. But other things are up. For example, there’s been an

Say Goodbye to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Even pre-pandemic, there was a major spike in repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) corresponding to the increased use of computers, mobile devices and work-related stress.

Relieve Your Sciatica With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

The vast majority of people will experience back pain during their life. About one out of every three people say that low back pain impacts their everyday activities, including sleep.

How To Move Better Today With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Back pain. Just about all of us has experienced it. The pain can hit you out of the blue and stop you cold. You might have been innocently putting on

Sick & Tired Of Neck Pain?

For most of us, neck pain has reared its ugly head more than once. In fact, there are estimates that anywhere from one-in-ten to one-in-five people will experience an episode

Sit Too Much? Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Between telecommuting and the extended stay-at-home order, most of us have been spending way too much time with our butt in a chair. If sitting is the new smoking, we’ve

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Relieves Pain & Stress

We’re almost halfway through this year and no one would have predicted a couple of months back this strange new world we’d be living in. People are experiencing a lot

Strengthen Your Health With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

While most people think of things like car accidents or other one-time events as the cause of their physical aches and pains, stress is the culprit behind a lot of

How the Brain Changes After Whiplash

Whiplash associated disorders (WAD) is a term applied to a constellation of symptoms that can arise following a motor vehicle collision (MVC), slip and fall, or sports injury. It’s estimated

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Linked to Migraine Headaches

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition caused by compression of the median nerve as it passes through the wrist that’s characterized by pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in select

Physical Activity and Low Back Pain

It’s common for individuals with low back pain to avoid any movement they feel may worsen their condition. Over time, this behavior can lead to deconditioned back muscles, setting the

Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain Risk

As desktop computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones take greater importance in our lives, more and more people are consulting with healthcare providers for musculoskeletal conditions like neck pain. Why

6 Self Care Tips You Must Do For PAIN RELIEF

We’re all feeling the effects of lockdown and the closures of public spaces. Because isolation is especially hard on those of us who suffer from chronic pain, I'm sending you

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Breaks The Cycle With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Treatment And Repetitive Stress Injuries

According to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome are the most common occupational health hazard in

Get Relief From Fibromyalgia Diagnosis With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis is a chronic pain condition that affects some 5 million Americans. The most common symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread pain and trigger pointsand the vast majority diagnosed with

Neck Pain Tips While Coronavirus Homebound!

While The World Is Quarantined We Have Some Uplifting News!

We have partnered with Quanta to bring their all-natural health and wellness products directly to your door.

Boost Your Immunity With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

You may not have ever given it much thought, but the nervous system and immune system are interconnected. The immune system is a complex network designed to protect you from

Our Pain Relief Specialists Have Got Your Back!

If your body is hurting and nothing seems to help, we’ve got good news for you: your search for safe, effective relief is over. Los Angeles’ own Massage Revolution’s Back

Myofascial Trigger Points And Headaches

A myofascial trigger point (TP) is a hyper-irritable area in muscle that is commonly felt by palpating (feeling with the fingers). Although more sophisticated ways exist for locating TPs—ultrasound, microdialysis,

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Can Alleviate Your Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome or MPS has become a very common diagnosis. Some 45 million Americans have symptoms of MPS, including trouble sleeping due to pain; deep, persistent or worsening pain;

Free Yourself From Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Most of us have experienced back pain at one time or other, but has it ever occurred to you that the ache in your back might also be related to

Hit The Reset Button With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

It’s time to turn the page on the calendar to a new year and a new decade, so who wants to feel stuck in the same old achy body? Trigger

Destress With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

So the saying goes, 'tis the season to be jolly, but shorter days and year-end pressures to shop, attend parties and travel can all add to your stress level rather

Want To Use Your HSA/FSA For Massage Therapy?

It’s the time of year for making a list and checking it twice. If one of the items on your list is to check the balance in your HSA or

Show Your Gratitude With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Our bodies work hard every day. So many functions go on without our even really being aware of what’s happening: the heart pumps, the stomach digests, synapses communicate, all without

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Can Help You Step Back From The Ledge

When people think of health problems, they usually think of sudden traumas that are like falling off a cliff: being in a car accident, a heart attack, or a bout

Call A Ceasefire On Your Back Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Nobody wants to be in pain, that goes without saying, and yet so many of us are. Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and one out of every

Free Yourself From Myofascial Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Everyone knows what pain is, unfortunately. As for myofascial, ‘myo,’ means ‘muscle,’ and ‘fascia’ means connective tissue, in this case the tissue that surrounds your muscles. Fascia is continuous throughout

Lose The Back Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Got back pain? Studies show that some 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point or other in our lives. But seeing as that’s most of us,

Put A Stop To Your Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Whether or not you subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy of exercise, this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to needless suffering due to trigger points in back

Solve The Mystery Of Your Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

“My back is killing me.” If you’ve uttered this phrase or the thought has crossed your mind recently, you’re not alone. Pain is a serious problem. Somewhere between 50-100 million

First Things First – Relieve Your Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trigger points are small but incredibly sensitive areas in your muscles that can cause intense pain in neck and back muscles, or anywhere in the body. A primary or central

Not A Fan Of Knots? Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

While people often say they have a knot in their muscle, the muscle fibers are not actually twisted and looped together. These knots are often trigger points, or tiny spasms

Eliminate Pain From Your Orbit With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

If you often feel pain in your neck, back or elsewhere but cannot figure out the cause of the problem, trigger points may be the culprit. Trigger points are tiny,

Geriatric Massage: Therapeutic Treatment For Seniors

Geriatric Massage therapy involves gentle pressure and light strokes with passive stretching to relieve tight muscles and promote relaxation. The therapist can apply oil or lotion so they can thoroughly

Pain Matters: Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trigger points are sensitive areas in your muscles, and are both a cause and a result of pain in the low back and elsewhere in the body. While the pain

Prenatal Massage – Physical and Mental Soothing For the Mom To Be

Prenatal massage provide relief and relaxation to soothe away both the physical and emotional of pregnancy. It is a productive and safe procedure when accomplished after first trimester and after

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Relieves Chronic Back And Neck Pain

Chronic pain is pain that goes on for weeks, months, or even years. Trigger points in neck and back muscles are sore or sensitive spots in the body that are

CranioSacral Therapy to Cure Physical and Emotional Stress-Related Pain

Physical and emotional stress can manifest as multiple sources of debilitation pain. The most common pains associated with physical and emotional stress is headache, neck discomfort, and back pain. If

Trigger Point Massage Therapy— Gain By Losing The Pain

Did you know that trigger points are far and away the most common cause of pain in your back and neck muscles, as well as elsewhere in the body? Neuromuscular

Benefits of Sports Massage To Amateur Athletes

Repetitive and aggressive movements in daily sports training can stress specific parts of the body. In order to find relief from worsening and/or tight muscles and tendons, athletes opt for

Swedish Massage Therapy Is Ideal For First-Timers

Those who haven't tried massage before might think it's an awkward idea. Massage is actually a perfect way to relax. Massage anxieties quickly pass once a skilled therapist begins to

Health Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Refloxology Massage is skyrocketing as an alternative therapy for various maladies. Ancient Chinese and Egyptians were documented to have applied same concept in treating certain illnesses.


If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’ve experienced back pain, neck pain, or both. But whether the pain has developed recently or it’s been going on for a long

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy For Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder is a condition causing severe pain. It involves sudden onset of pain caused by a series of muscles tightening in the shoulder area. The underlying cause does not

CBD Massage – Secret Benefits for Pain Relief

Cannabidiol or CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant. It has been proven in clinical studies to offer anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. CBD may also be blended with other

Reflexology Massage For Asthma Sufferers

This blog post is for all of you who suffer from asthma. This disease is brutal but thankfully new medicines and treatment techniques emerge to improve the asthmatic’s quality of

What is Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

Scientists may not know what causes trigger points or even exactly what they are, but one thing everyone can agree on is that trigger points hurt, and the solution is

Is Your Neck Pain After Sleeping Killing You?

The expression ‘a pain in the neck’ exists for good reason. If you’ve never woken up with a stiff neck, you’re in the lucky minority. Neck pain can ruin your

Therapeutic Massage for Expectant Moms

Expectant mothers can take proactive measures to positively effect changes in their body during pregnancy. Hormonal, physical, and mental challenges related to pregnancy can seriously and negatively affect mood and

Magic Fingers, Butterfingers & Why You Should Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Neuromuscular Massage Therapist to Leave the Metal Hook Outside the Room

I was so excited to get to talk with comedienne Paula Poundstone on her podcast about the benefits of deep tissue and neuromuscular massage and bodywork. Paula is extraordinarily funny,

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for Migraine Relief

Migraine is a common type of headache that affects many people. It is characterized by recurrent moderate to severe pain which affects one-half of the head. Patient may also experience

Natural Relief of Causes of Migraine Headaches

Do you get frequent headaches or migraines? Do you wake up in the morning with neck pain after sleeping? Do you have pain in the front of the neck? If

The Best Treatment for Back Pains

Think surgery is the answer for chronic low back pain? Think again. High quality, advance massage therapy and bodywork is where it’s at. No knives, no drugs; just effective, natural

Back Pains: Why Do I Need Maintenance Care?

The pain in the lower left side of your back has you down, and you’ve missed work again. It seems every day you deal with some level of aching, soreness,

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Relieves Muscle and Nerve Pain

Are you aware of the proven positive effects of neuromuscular massage therapy to relieve muscle and nerve pain? Are you at your wit’s end, suffering from pain on your back,

Massage Therapy For Severe Muscular Pain – Los Angeles, CA

Did you know massage therapy is rapidly rising as an alternative to surgery for numerous painful ailments to include severe muscle pain? Painful muscle “trigger points” are activated when a

It’s Bob Marley Day…Release All Back Pains and Get Up, Stand Up, and Celebrate Being Pain-Free!

Today is Bob Marley’s birthday, so let’s get up, stand up, and celebrate this global legend by appreciating and honoring one of the most sacred parts of your life, your

Deep Tissue Massage Helps Heal Muscle Stiffness – Manhattan Beach, CA

Deep muscle tissue can become stiff and painful when you move your body incorrectly, when it is repeatedly stretched, has trigger points, or used repetitively in exercise or sports. Essentially,

Massage for Neck Pain Relief: 4 Ways it Can Help

Who really knows where neck pain comes from. It just pops up from stress, a bad night's sleep, a strain, who knows.

Massage for Back Pain Relief: 4 Ways it Can Help

Many people with low back pain are afraid that their pain is related to structural problems and spinal fragility. This is not usually the case.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Sports

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common and well-known nerve entrapment condition, often called neuropathy, affecting and causing symptoms in your entire shoulder girdle, arms, hands, and fingers. It’s

The Best Deep Tissue Massage Therapists in Los Angeles

One of the more common coincidences in modern medicine: people who sit a lot have low back pain. The number of biomechanical reasons for this are several,

The Best Massage Therapists in Manhattan Beach And The South Bay

One of the most common complaints in America today is the 'tension headache,' a pain at the base of the skull that will often be accompanied by pain running up

The Best Massages in Manhattan Beach And The South Bay

When Amazon announces that they're developing a new tablet specifically geared toward gamers, you know tablets have become genuinely mainstream -- but they're not without their issues.

The Best Massage in Manhattan Beach And Los Angeles

The levator scapulae muscle is the most common cause of “stiff neck” complaints, with limited and painful movement. In a clinical case study of active trigger points, the levator scapulae

The Best Massage in Manhattan Beach And All Of Los Angeles

Headaches from the back of the head, to the forehead and eyes, that feel like the whole side of the heads hurts, almost like a migraine, is common. The suboccipital

The Best Massage Therapists Servicing Redondo Beach and All Of Los Angeles

Trigger points in the infraspinatus, a small muscle on your shoulder blade, are often the hidden cause for weak, stiff shoulders and arms that tire easily. These trigger points lock

The Best Massage Therapists Servicing Hermosa Beach For Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief

Trigger points in your rotator cuff and shoulder muscles, such as your supraspinatus, subscapularis, and infraspinatus muscles, are often the source of the clicks, grinding, and pain you feel in

The Best Massage Therapists in the South Bay For Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief

Low back pain is a surprisingly common complaint among young athletes. A study from Finland analyzed 464 teenage athletes from a variety of sports and found that 54.9% experienced back

The Best Massage Therapists in Manhattan Beach For Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief

Could chronic neck pain and headaches in elderly patients be related to a whiplash injury earlier in life? Comprehensive examinations on 134 elderly patients with chronic neck pain and/or headaches

The Best Massage Therapists in Manhattan Beach For Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief

According to a fascinating article in Massage Today, one of the most overlooked causes of Restricted Range of Motion (RRoM) in the arms is a trigger point cluster --

The Best Massage Therapists in Manhattan Beach For Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief

A "systematic review of systematic reviews" issued by the US National Library Medicine examined dozens of examinations of hundreds of studies on the question of whether or not massage therapy

The Best Massage Therapists in Manhattan Beach For Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief

Trigger points are new enough to the medical field that few people are seriously studying them, but some groups are making attempts. In this case, a group of scientists from

The Best Massages in Manhattan Beach For Lasting Back and Neck Relief

Researchers at the Department of Neurology in Dhaka Medical College Hospital performed a significantly-sized longitudinal study of people suffering from migraines, and found that there were only five treatments that

The Best Massage Therapists in Manhattan Beach to Get Rid of Back and Neck Pain.

Researchers recently from randomly divided 60 patients with lumbar disc hernias into two groups: one received the standard treatment of B12 injections, traction, and heat therapy.

The Best Massages in Manhattan Beach For Your Pain Management Needs

Nina Cherie Franklin, a University of Illinois at Chicago postdoctoral fellow in physical therapy, lead a study of the effects of massage on the body. Volunteers were broken into three

The Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Back and Neck Pain

The term 'myofascial pain' is fairly common (and getting more so) but not that many people have a clear idea of what it means. Here's what it means: the 'fascia'

The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Shoulder Blade Pain.

One of the less common, but still nasty, forms of upper back pain is the sharp pain you can get right at the upper corner of your shoulder blade when

Charlie Horses and Management Strategies

At some point in time, most of us have had a “Charlie horse” or muscle cramp. In fact, 50% of adults over the age of 50 suffer from night cramps.

The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Tension Headaches and Neck Pain.

If you're a chronic sufferer of that particular type of headache that feels like it stretches all along one or both sides of your head like a headband, there's some

What to Do for Chronic Low Back Pain

Low back pain (LBP) is a very common problem that many, if not most of us, have had at some point in life. In fact, about 80% of adults experience

The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Headache’s Behind the Eye or Ear.

Most doctors won't hesitate to tell you that (non-migraine) pain behind one eye is a result of some temporary condition -- sinus inflammation being the most common culprit. If you

The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain For Good From Tight Soleus Muscles.

The muscle that runs up the back of your calf -- the soleus -- is known as the 'second heart' because of the critical role it helps in pumping blood

Migraine Headaches and Nutrition?

According to a World Health Report, migraines are the nineteenth most common patient complaint worldwide with an 18% of women and 6% of men in the United States experiencing at

Exercises for Hip Pain

There are two types of muscles that help facilitate motion in our hips and lower extremities: tonic and phasic. Tonic (postural) muscles are always working or contracting to keep us

The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain For Good From Tight Gluteal Muscles!

There are so many people suffering lumbar back pain that it's easy to get lumped into the same category if your chronic pain occurs even lower down. But if your

The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Neck Pain For Good!

Muscular trigger points aren't all the same -- some are active, meaning that they cause pain either constantly or when the muscle is used; others are passive, meaning that they

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – More Than Just a Wrist Problem

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that affects around 6-12% of the population and can result in significant pain and disability. The financial costs associated with CTS can

The Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles to Relieve Lower Back Pain Both Right and Left Side.

A fascinating study published in the Journal of Bodyworks and Movement Therapy validated a longstanding theory held among myofascial therapists. There's long been a strong correlation between the 'line' of

The Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles to Relieve Neck and Lower Back Pain

In the world of myofascial trigger points, pain often originates far from where it's felt -- but sometimes, not THAT far. That was the case in a study published in

The Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles to Relieve Pain in Shoulder Blades and Spine

According to a study published in the Archive of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 72 patients who turned up with pain in the upper back -- between the spine and the

The Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles to Relieve Upper Back and Shoulder Pain From Heavy Breathing.

The world of referred pain is a weird and wild one. Case in point: a study by the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine found that when labored breathing

The Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles to Relieve Back Pain When Bending or Twisting

If your back is often stiff, and bending or twisting causes twinges of pain that make you want to yelp, there are quite a few potential causes. If you've gone

The Best Massages in Los Angeles for Back and Shoulder Blade Pain!

According to a series of case studies by the Jordi Gol i Gurina Foundation, if you have a pain at the point of your shoulder blade that spikes in intensity

The Best Massages in Los Angeles for Headache and Occiput Pain!

The Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy released a significant study into the source of "behind the eye" headaches a few years ago, and they found that a minor majority

The Best Massages in Los Angeles for Longer Lasting Relief!

There are several reasons why someone might suffer pain in the coccyx -- the tailbone. A study in Switzerland showed that when the 'standard' tests don't seem to reveal anything,

The Best Place For A Massage in Los Angeles

Does your lower back or neck feel tense, tight, or locked up, and no matter what you do there’s not much relief? You try creams, pills, exercises, and that annoying

The Best Place for a Massage in Los Angeles

Does your lower back or neck feel tense, tight, or locked up, and no matter what you do there’s not much relief? You try creams, pills, exercises, and that annoying

The Best Massage in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Your Back or Neck Pain

The key to eliminating pain and preventing re-injury is to do steps 1-5 in order.  Now that you’ve completed Steps 1-4, seeing a qualified neuromuscular massage therapist to eliminate pain-causing

Get the Best Massage Los Angeles Offers for Back or Neck Pain Relief

Now that you’ve completed Steps 1-3, seen a qualified neuromuscular massage therapist to eliminate pain-causing trigger points, fixing posture, and restoring flexibility, you’re now ready to move on to Step

The Best Massage LA Has to Offer for Back and Neck Pain Relief

Now that you’ve finished steps 1 and 2, releasing pain-causing trigger points and fixing your posture, it’s time to move on to Step #3, Restoring Flexibility. There’s a significant difference

The Best Massage Manhattan Beach Has to Offer for Back and Neck Pain Relief

After you finish Step #1 and have a qualified neuromuscular massage therapist release the trigger points causing pain in your neck and back, it’s time to move on to step

Want The Best Massage Los Angeles Has to Offer for Back and Neck Pain Relief?

Relieving trigger points in muscles is by far the #1 1st step to follow in order to ensure that the muscles in your back and neck are able to heal

The Best Massage Los Angeles Has to Offer for Back and Neck Pain Relief!

NMT prevents muscle strains or tears so you move pain-free and stay active for years as well as poor posture so you don’t slouch and feel round shouldered. (You stand

The Best Massage in LA for Back and Neck Pain Relief

Dr. Travell identified very sensitive areas found in your muscles as the root CAUSE of pain 93% of the time. She called these sensitive areas “trigger points” and by releasing

Best Massage in Los Angeles for Back and Neck Pain Relief

In the 1930’s Dr. Stanley Lief, a trained Chiropractor and Naturopathic Physician along with his cousin Boris Chaitow also trained in chiropractic and naturopathy experimented with neuromuscular massage treatments for

Best Massage in Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach for Back and Neck Pain Relief

NMT successfully addresses and eliminates pain associated with: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Carpal Tunnel, Herniated Discs, Scoliosis, Knee, Hip, Foot, or Joint Pain, Rotator Cuff (shoulder

Los Angeles Massage for Fast Neck or Back Pain Relief – How to Get Started!

Many people that suffer from recurrent or chronic neck or back pain have likely tried all manner of "cures" and are probably skeptical that there is anything that can work

What Not To Do For Neck Pain Relief When Getting Massages in Los Angeles

The last thing you want is to make your neck ache or pain worse, which is exactly what you risk doing when you attempt to heal it with an exercise

Forget the Mattress, Your Back/Hip Hurts When Sleeping or Walking Because of This Muscle

Do you have back pain going into your buttocks and hips?  Can't find a comfortable sleeping position or got pain in your hips and low back walking? If so, trigger

Now Offering Best Chiropractic Services in Los Angeles

There's finally new hope for back, neck, and ALL chronic pain sufferers. The 1-2 pain punch of our Neuromuscular Massage treatments with Chiropractic almost guarantees you a much quicker end

Ending Back Pain, Part V: “Walk Away Your Back Pain?”

Scientists are in the middle of having this really profound, revolutionary revelation: the human body evolved to do the stuff that we used to do a few thousand years ago.

Ending Back Pain, Part IV: “Why Does My Back Hurt at Work?”

Back pain -- especially lower back pain -- is probably the single most common complaint in American society. Some people have genetic factors that make them more inclined toward back

Ending Back Pain, Part III: “Why Aren’t My Usual Stretching Exercises Helping My Back Pain Anymore?”

People with chronic lower back pain are familiar with the sensation: you may have had days, weeks, or even months of normalcy, and then -- a twinge.  A wince, and

Ending Back Pain, Part II: “When Back Surgery Goes Bad”

Every year, America's surgeons perform hundreds of thousands of back surgeries -- it's one of the most common surgical operations in the country. Discectomies, laminectomies, spinal fusions -- the number

Ending Back Pain, Part I: “The 5 Step Secret to End Back Pain Naturally”

The biggest problem that modern medicine has trying to address something as commonplace as back pain is that modern medicine is built from the get-go on the scientific process that

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Best Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Los Angeles

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The Back & Neck Relief Center is a collective of independently licensed practitioners who have elected to come together to provide massage therapy to the Manhattan Beach community and surrounding areas.

Practitioners who work with The Back & Neck Relief Center are talented professionals who are passionate, dedicated to their craft and focused on the growth of their clients.

The Back & Neck Relief Center is operated by NMT Management, a Corporation that provides administrative, managerial and consultation services to independent massage therapists. Please know, when you begin working with your therapist all questions and correspondence regarding your care needs to be addressed to them.

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Massage Revolution & Therapeutic Massage Los Angeles offers all types of massage services to help you live relaxed, rejuvenated, and pain-free. We proudly serve the South Bay cities including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Playa Del Rey, Westside (Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, etc) and surrounding Los Angeles areas.