Trigger Point Massage Therapy Can Alleviate Your Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome or MPS has become a very common diagnosis. Some 45 million Americans have symptoms of MPS, including trouble sleeping due to pain; deep, persistent or worsening pain; and extremely sensitive muscle knots. The tender spots are also known as trigger points , and these tiny zingers can really pack a wallop, preventing you from doing the things you love, not to mention making you downright miserable. The good news is that you can get relief from trigger point pain without popping pills for the rest of your days. Trigger point massage therapy is highly effective in releasing the tender points that are causing your problems.

Where do trigger points come from? Injury is a common culprit, as is repetitive use, but trigger points can also build as a result of inactivity, such as too much sitting. A vicious cycle often ensues: poor posture and poor-quality sleep can worsen trigger points , which leads to increased pain, less sleep and even worse posture.

Trigger points in back and neck muscles are some of the common places for the problem to crop up, but you can develop trigger points just about anywhere in the body. To complicate matters further, trigger points can cause stiffness and pain throughout the body, not just at the site of the tender spot. This all adds up to a lot of suffering.

It’s important to treat your trigger points not only because they are painful, but also because they can reduce your range of motion, leaving you stiff, sore, and unable to perform your usual activities. While doctors may recommend injections or pain pills, there is a natural way to treat the problem: trigger point therapy . The whole purpose of neuromuscular massage is to reset the muscles to their natural, pain-free state. Get rid of the trigger point, the pain goes. Get rid of the pain, you sleep better and move better, and your whole quality of life improves. You’ve just replaced that vicious cycle with a positive feedback loop.

At Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center, we specialize in trigger point therapy and neuromuscular massage . We’ve been releasing trigger points for over a dozen years and we’re the best in the business. A single session with one of our 35+ highly qualified therapists may be all you need to experience total relief, but you might also prefer to schedule regular appointments to keep the problem at bay. Either way, we’re ready and waiting to help free you from unnecessary pain and suffering.

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