The Best Massages in Los Angeles to Get Rid of Headache’s Behind the Eye or Ear.

Most doctors won't hesitate to tell you that (non-migraine) pain behind one eye is a result of some temporary condition -- sinus inflammation being the most common culprit. If you have chronic pain in that area, they often move directly to a much more dire suspect -- multiple sclerosis, for[...]
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Migraine Headaches and Nutrition?

According to a World Health Report, migraines are the nineteenth most common patient complaint worldwide with an 18% of women and 6% of men in the United States experiencing at least one migraine headache episode each year. There is evidence that patients with migraines have an energy deficit disorder associated[...]
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The Best Massages in Los Angeles for Headache and Occiput Pain!

The Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy released a significant study into the source of "behind the eye" headaches a few years ago, and they found that a minor majority (just over half) of behind-the- eye headaches that come with matching ache in the base of the skull are associated[...]
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