What are the Different Types of Neck Pain?

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Neck pain is not pleasant to deal with. Determining the causes and types of neck pain can help you find a pain-relieving solution.

There are various types of neck pain, and you may experience multiple types at once. Massage could help reduce pain regardless of the diagnosis. Read on to learn what type of neck pain you may be dealing with.

Axial Neck Pain

Axial neck pain is the most common type of neck pain. Also called mechanical neck pain, it is typically linked to spinal degeneration. It is focused in one part of the neck and does not move or radiate. It typically causes a dull ache that can become sharp and stinging at times.

Radicular Pain

Radicular pain is typically caused by inflammation in the nerve root of the cervical spine. It may be caused by bony overgrowths formed by spinal degeneration that irritate the nerve roots. The pain will radiate along the shoulder and hands and may cause an electric shock-like feeling with certain movements.

Referred Pain

Referred pain occurs when pain is felt in a part of the body other than its source. The pain will feel more diffused and spread out. It can be difficult to discern referred pain and radicular pain.

Medical experts are still studying how referred pain develops and spreads. Some feel a trigger point may become compressed and refer pain to other parts of the body. Referred pain in the neck could be due to a headache, shoulder pain, or back pain.

Myelopathic Pain

Myelopathic pain occurs when the spinal cord in the neck becomes compressed. Although the source of pain is in the neck, it can radiate into the legs and feet. This characteristic makes it a commonly misdiagnosed condition.

Funicular Pain

Funicular pain is similar to myelopathic pain in that it is also caused by compression in the neck’s spinal cord region. However, the compression typically occurs in the ascending tracts of the spine. It causes a dull, achy pain that can be electric shock-like at times. The pain will intensify when the neck is flexed forward.

Is Massage a Good Solution for Neck Pain?

Massage therapy is a good solution for most types of neck pain. It relaxes your neck muscles and improves flexibility. It also releases endorphins that aid with pain management.

The therapy can also be beneficial to degenerative disc disease, the source of many forms of neck pain. Studies have established it as a solution for improving flexibility and range of motion. People who suffered from neck pain were able to resume daily activities after a massage treatment.

However, it is vital to work with a therapist who understands neck pain. The wrong techniques can worsen some conditions. Choose a professional with prior medical experience.

Massage Revolution is an ideal choice for neck pain conditions. Our technicians are well-versed in physical therapy and pain management. We will help you find relief from your neck pain issues.

Contact us to learn why many consider us the best massage in Los Angeles.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the biggest trigger point therapy clinic in Los Angeles and the world.

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Can Massage Improve Bad Posture

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Can Massage Improve Bad Posture?

When your mother tells you to stand up straight, listen to her. Bad posture can cause a world of problems. It can cause back pain, joint degeneration, spinal dysfunction, rounded shoulders, a potbelly, and digestive issues. Fortunately, there are methods to correct bad posture including massage and posture alignment therapy.

What Causes Bad Posture?

  • Injuries: If you become injured, you may adopt an unhealthy posture to avoid pain.
  • Muscle tension and weakness: Routine tasks can cause you to use muscles unequally.Some muscles become tense, and others are weak. The imbalance can lead to poorposture.
  • Stress: Stress causes muscles to contract and could compromise your posture.
  • Shoe choice: Unsupportive shoes can cause misalignment. If you tend to wear out the inside or outside of your shoe faster, your body can become misaligned.
  • Hereditary conditions: In some instances, bad posture can be hereditary. For example,
    you may inherit Scheuermann’s disease which can occur in adolescent boys.

What are the Effects of Bad Posture?

  • The curvature of the spine: Prolonged bad posture habits can cause the natural curves in the spine to change shape.
  • Increased Injury Risk: Poor posture can reduce the spine’s ability to absorb shock and increase the risk of injury.
  • Back pain: Bad posture puts strain on your back, shoulders, neck, and tailbone. It can flatten your backbone.
  • Headaches: Poor posture strains your posterior muscles causing tightness in the neck. It may lead to neck pain and headache.
  • Difficulty Sleeping: Improper posture tightens your muscles making it difficult to relax at night.
  • Poor Digestion: Bad posture can compress your organs, slow your digestive process, and cause stomach issues.

Can Massage Improve Bad Posture?

Once a person’s body gets used to bad posture, it can be difficult to reverse. It reduces the range of motion and restricts muscles. Eventually, poor posture becomes a default position.

Massage helps poor posture by loosening muscles. It makes it easier for people to achieve a healthy posture position. It also reduces pain associated with poor posture.

Combine Massage with Posture Alignment Therapy

For best results, combine massage with posture alignment therapy. The technique involves stretches and gentle exercises that restore functionality to the muscles and joints. It strengthens muscles making it easier for them to regain their proper alignment.

Prevent Posture Issues

You can prevent posture issues by:

  • Paying attention to your body- ensure you are in a healthy posture position
  • Stretching: If you find yourself hunched up at work, take regular stretch breaks
  • Exercise: Exercise regularly to retain muscle strength and balance
  • Use Ergonomic Furniture: Ergonomic furniture and equipment such as office chairs, lumbar rolls, and supportive pillows and mattresses will keep your spine aligned

Massage Revolution Can Address Poor Posture Issues

Massage Revolution can assist you in overcoming poor posture issues. We offer various massage services and posture alignment therapy. We have helped thousands of patients overcome posture and pain management issues.

Contact us to learn why we are the best massage in South Bay.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the biggest trigger point therapy clinic in Los Angeles and the world.

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What are the Different Types of Neck Pain and How Can Massage Help?

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Neck pain is a common issue for many individuals. It can affect you in different ways. But there is one common treatment, massage.

Massage is ideal because it boosts circulation to promote healing. It relaxes strained muscles that cause pain. It increases serotonin production to aid with pain relief.

This article will discuss the various types of neck pain and how massage can help.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain includes strain, sprains, and tears. They occur when the muscle is overextended due to repetitive use or a direct injury. If pain is ongoing, knots or trigger points may form and increase pain and soreness.

Trigger-point massage therapy can treat muscle-related neck pain and promote healing.

Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasms are painful muscle contractions. They may limit head movement. They can be caused by an injury, nerve problems, or emotional stress.

Massages relieve built-up tension and reduce muscle spasm pain. Remedial massage is a recommended treatment method.


Neck pain can cause headaches which generally occur in the upper neck or back of the head. Symptoms include a dull ache accompanied by muscle stiffness and tenderness. Moving the neck tends to make the headaches worse so rest is often the only solution.

However, massages have been proven to help neck pain-related chronic tension headaches that form in the back of the head.

Facet Joint Pain

Facet joints are located where two adjacent vertebrae meet in the vertebral column. Injury or arthritic degradation can cause a sharp aching pain that can worsen with pressure, movement, and inactivity. The pain can also radiate to your shoulders and upper back.

Although pressure can worsen facet joint pain, a knowledgeable therapist can gently manipulate the area to loosen tight muscles and relieve swelling.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain in the neck typically occurs in the vertebrae nerves that branch from the spinal cord. Inflammation or injury can damage these nerves and cause pain and irritation. The type of pain will vary depending on the damaged nerve and the type of injury.

Massage can help nerve pain. However, the wrong type of pressure can aggravate your symptoms. Seek treatment from an expert for optimal results.

Bone Pain

Most neck pain derives from the soft tissues. It is rare for bone pain to cause neck pain, but it can occur. While a massage may help nerve pain, you should consult a medical expert if you think bone pain is affecting you. It could be a sign of a deeper issue.

Neck pain can greatly reduce an individual’s quality of life. A massage can help, but you must work with an experienced provider to reach your wellness goals.

Massage Revolution has been in business for over 16 years. We have helped thousands of patients move past their pain and lead more fulfilling lives. We are so confident of our services, that we even offer a best massage guarantee.

Contact us to learn more about our massage in Manhattan Beach services.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the biggest trigger point therapy clinic in Los Angeles and the world.

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Massage vs. Physical Therapy Treatment: What’s the Difference?

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If you are injured, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy promotes healing. It helps people overcome injuries like back pain, neck pain, and more.

Massage is often used as a physical therapy treatment. But massage and physical therapy should not be confused. There are key differences to consider.

This article will review the difference between massage and physical therapy, so you know what to expect.

What’s the Difference Between Massage and Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a complete treatment plan that typically includes range of motion and other rehabilitative exercises. The doctor may also give the patient homework so they can heal at home between sessions. They will also undergo in-office treatments that may include laser therapy, traction, dry needling, ultrasound, and massage.

Massage is integrated into physical therapy, but it is only one aspect of it. It is rarely performed outside the office unless you have a partner or aide who has massage training. It is also not specific to physical therapy. It is available to uninjured patients as well.

Different Techniques in Physical Therapy Massage

Physical therapy also differs from other types of massage due to the techniques involved. Certain techniques are specific to physical therapy. They may be used for other purposes, but you will rarely find other types of massage integrated into the therapy process.

They include:

Active Release Technique (ART): This technique involves the therapist manipulating the body to release tension from muscles and tendons. They will identify the source of pain and focus on the area to break up scar tissue, improve mobility, and prevent further injuries.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy: This therapy involves identifying trigger points in the body that are causing pain. The therapist will use their thumb or a tool to apply indirect pressure to the area until the nearby muscles and tissues relax.

Soft Tissue Massage: Soft tissue massage incorporates various muscle depths and pressures to break up knots in the muscles and increase flexibility. The therapist will put direct pressure on the muscles and soft tissue to relieve pain.

Myofascial Release: This technique was developed to address pain that results from pressure in seemingly unrelated body parts. The therapist will exert a slow, sustained pressure on stiff, painful muscles to loosen and lengthen the area. The technique realigns tight muscles.

Benefits of Massage in Physical Therapy

  • Boosts Immunity: Massage may increase white blood cell count to increase immunity and promote healing.
  • Improves Circulation: Massage promotes blood flow through the area to relieve sore muscles.
  • Improves Flexibility, Posture, and Range of Motion: Massage improves range of motion, posture, and flexibility to increase mobility.
  • Boosts Mood: Massage boosts serotonin levels in the body to decrease pain and side
    effects like anxiety and depression.

Massage Revolution is your source for physical therapy and massage services. We will assess your pain and find a treatment to promote healing. We have a licensed staff and accept insurance.

Contact us to schedule the best massage in Los Angeles today.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the biggest trigger point therapy clinic in Los Angeles and the world.

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How Massage Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals

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2024 is upon us. Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions- and this time, we are determined to keep them! Massage can help you achieve your goals.

“Massage can help with several New Year’s resolutions. It can reduce stress, promote weight loss, and improve quality of life. We typically see new patients in the New Year who are intent on reaching their holiday goals,” says Michael Greenspan, clinic director at Massage Revolution.

Here are some popular resolutions and the ways massage can help.

Reduces Stress

Another year has passed, and many people look back on the precious moments they’ve lost to stress. They may think about parties they couldn’t enjoy because they were too worried about things running smoothly. They may look back on family vacations that could have been better if they focused on the journey instead of the destination.

Massage can help you enjoy those special 2024 moments. It lowers the heart rate, reduces muscle tension, and releases endorphins to improve mood. It will help you stop and smell the flowers.

Aids with Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common New Year’s resolution. Many of us set goals for losing a certain amount of weight by the end of the year. Unfortunately, we don’t always reach those goals.

Massage helps because it reduces pain and soreness that prevents us from working out. It boosts circulation so muscles recover faster and improve future workout performance and frequency. It also reduces stress which makes you crave high-calorie foods.

Let’s You Enjoy Some Me-Time

Massage can also help people who make New Year’s resolutions to get more me-time in. Many people have spent the last year caring for others. They may have young children at home, or they may care for older adults.

A massage can help people who don’t get enough time to themselves. It will give them a much needed escape from their day-to-day responsibilities. It will help them get back to ‘real life’ feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Massage Revolution’s wellness expertise can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Our skilled technicians will integrate techniques that promote pain management and relieve stress so you can reach your 2024 goals. We have helped thousands of patients enjoy a higher quality of life, and we can help you too.

Contact us for a massage in South Bay that will make this year a special one.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the biggest trigger point therapy clinic in Los Angeles and the world.

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Can Massage Help Bursitis?

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Bursitis is a condition that occurs when the bursae, which are small sacs of fluid near the joint, become inflamed. The condition is typically caused by repetitive movements or trauma. It can be acute or chronic. It typically causes hip pain or shoulder pain, but it can also occur in the knee, elbow, heel, or big toe.

There are several treatments that reduce bursitis pain. Massage is often incorporated into therapy. Read on to find out how it will help you reduce your pain.

What are the Symptoms of Bursitis?

Bursitis symptoms include:

  • Pain in the affected area
  • Pain or tenderness when you touch or try to move the affected area
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Redness, warmth and swelling at the affected area

What are Risk Factors of Bursitis?

  • Age: Older people are more likely to get bursitis
  • Daily activity: People with hobbies and occupations that involve the repeated use of one joint or area of the body have an increased bursitis risk
  • Other Medical Conditions: Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes, and obesity increase the risk of bursitis.
  • How Does Massage Help Bursitis?

    Massage helps bursitis by increasing circulation in the muscle and myofascial tissue. It brings cells and oxygen to the affected area. It also decreases tension and reduces range of motion which aids the healing process.

    The aim of massage treatment for bursitis is to reduce compression and relieve pressure on the bursae. In most instances, pressure will not be applied directly over the bursae. Instead, it is directed above and below the affected joint to reduce muscle tension.

    What Types of Massage Reduce Bursitis Pain?

    The type of massage used is crucial to the healing process. A friction massage is not recommended as it can make inflammation worse.

    Swedish massage is often recommended because it decreases muscle toxins, reduces stress hormones, promotes circulation, improves flexibility, and increases relaxation.

    Deep tissue massage may also be used to release muscle tension deep within the tissue. However, the therapist must be careful to use a firmness that promotes healing without worsening the injury.

    Trigger point massage therapy can be used to target specific areas and reduce pain.

    Contact Massage Revolution to Reach Your Wellness Goals

    Massage Revolution is a recommended choice for the best massage in Los Angeles. Our staff members are skilled in various techniques that target a wide range of medical issues. We can address shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches, back pain, and more.

    Our technicians will work out a customized plan that is suited to your needs. Our best massage promise means 100% satisfaction, or your massage is free. Contact us to book your appointment today.

    Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the world’s largest and best neuromuscular medical massage team in the country specializing in relieving your aches and pains for good!

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Best Massage Treatments for Acute and Chronic Pain

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Pain is an issue commonly treated with massage. But it’s essential to determine if you have acute or chronic pain. The diagnosis will help your therapist customize a wellness plan best suited to your needs.

Acute vs. Chronic Pain

Acute and chronic pain vary in their duration and causes. Acute pain will typically last seven to thirty days. It is linked to an identifiable cause such as a surgery or accident.

Chronic pain can last months or even years. It can be linked to a disease like lupus or muscular dystrophy, or it may be related to overuse issues. Some chronic pain sufferers are unaware of what’s causing their issues.

Doctors and massage therapists can determine if pain is chronic or acute by asking questions like “How long have you been experiencing the pain?” “Are there certain movements that make the pain worse?” “Does it hurt to be touched in a specific area?”

Different Treatments of Acute and Chronic Pain

Your massage therapist will determine if your pain is chronic or acute. Then they will customize a plan best suited for your needs. Here are some examples of therapies that may be included.

Acute Pain

Acute pain will require fewer sessions. The pain will typically resolve within one or two sessions. Therapies may include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This intense massage treatment targets injured muscles. The therapist must apply enough pressure to provide relief without making the pain worse.
  • Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is a gentler technique. It promotes circulation which is conducive to healing.
  • Lymphatic Massage: This massage technique is effective in reducing excess fluid, swelling, and dead cells. It is often used to reduce pain and promote healing after surgery.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain treatments can go on for months or even years. They may be accompanied by physical therapy and lifestyle changes. Recommended massage techniques include:

  • Trigger Point Massage Therapy: Trigger point massage therapy is effective at breaking up knots and adhesions that form over muscle fibers. It creates more space around the joints. It reduces pain and improves the range of motion.
  • Cross-Fiber Therapy: Cross-fiber therapy targets tight muscles that get locked up and sensitive. The technique involves transverse friction which relieves tension and soreness.
  • Mindful Adjustments: Mindful adjustments are effective in relieving work-related injuries. They help a person relearn how to perform tasks like typing at the computer and holding a hammer. They relieve pain and prevent re-injury.

Massage Revolution Gets to the Bottom of Your Pain

Massage Revolution’s skilled technicians are well-versed in different pain conditions. We will determine the type of pain you are dealing with. We will customize a plan that is best suited to your needs.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today. Discover way we are the best choice for massage in Los Angeles.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the world’s largest and best neuromuscular medical massage team in the country specializing in relieving your aches and pains for good!

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Different Types of Back Pain That Can Be Treated with Massage

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Back pain affects about 540 million people throughout the world. 8 out 0f 10 Americans experience back pain at least once in their lives.

Various types of back pain can occur, and they all have one thing in common- they can be treated with massage. This article will look at the different types of back pain and how massage helps.

Stiffness and Soreness

Stiffness and soreness can occur in any region of the spine. When stiffness affects the cervical part of the spine just beneath the head, it can cause headaches and tightness in the neck and shoulders.

Strains, injuries, and twisting too far can cause pain in the middle or lower back. Obesity, pregnancy, and poor posture will also affect these areas.

Lower back pain is often caused by sports, overexertion, or accidents.

Sharp, Shooting Pain

If you feel a sharp, shooting pain accompanied by pins and needles, it could mean the nerves of your spine are affected. The pain may shoot down your arms and shoulders.

Nerve pain in the spine is often sciatica. It is usually caused by a herniated disc or bone overgrowth that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. It can also be spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column caused by wear and tear on the bones.

Persistent Pain

Persistent back pain may be due to spondylolisthesis, a condition that occurs when the spine vertebra slips down on the bone below it. It can also be caused by a slipped or herniated disc.

Intermittent Pain

Intermittent pain may be related to strains or injuries. The pain may get worse during activity. It may feel better when you lie down.

It can also be caused by ankylosing spondylitis. This degenerative inflammatory condition causes vertebrae in the spine to fuse.

How Massage Improves Back Pain

Massage is recommended for all types of back pain. Here are the benefits it provides:

  • Increases circulation to send nutrients to the muscles and relieve soreness
  • Works out knots that cause tension
  • Improves sleep quality so the muscles have time to heal
  • Loosens spasms in the lower back
  • May reduce inflammatory cytokines to decrease inflammation
  • Many types of massage can ease back pain. Trigger point therapy or neuromuscular massage helps by targeting knots in the back that are causing pain. Swedish massage promotes relaxation and eases sore muscles.

    Massage Revolution Provides Back Pain Relief

    Massage Revolution is a preferred choice for back pain relief. Our skilled therapists are experienced in dealing with various types of back pain. We provide compassionate customer service. We also accept PPO insurance.

    Contact us to find out why we are the best massage in Los Angeles.

    Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the world’s largest and best neuromuscular medical massage team in the country specializing in relieving your aches and pains for good!
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    Why a Massage Makes the Best Holiday Gift

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    The holiday season is upon us. Most people are scrambling to find the perfect gift. Why not make it easy on yourself by giving your loved one the gift of massage?

    There are so many reasons a massage is an ideal holiday gift. This article will explore the various benefits.

    They’re Easy

    Massages are one of the easiest gifts you can give. You don’t have to worry about getting the right size or the perfect color. They are a gift anyone can enjoy.

    As a bonus, you can usually order massage gift certificates from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to travel and fight the crowds. Just call your local massage center or order a gift card online and you’re good to go.

    It’s Perfect for the Winter

    Massages are ideal for the cold winter months. The cold weather makes skin dry. The rubbing oils and lotions applied during a massage will moisturize your skin.

    Winter is also the time when muscles cramp up increasing the risk of injury. A massage will relax cold cramped muscles. They increase blood flow and relieve pain.

    The holidays are also a stressful time. A massage relieves tension and stress and puts everyone in a great mood.

    It Shows You Care

    When you give someone the gift of massage, you are telling them you care about their health and well-being. You are providing them with stress relief and pain relief that improves their physical and mental states. When they get the message and feel better, they will think of you.

    Massage Deals

    Many massage providers realize the importance of a good massage during the holiday season. They offer holiday specials that help clients improve their health.

    Massage Revolution is one of the clinics that is offering a deal for the holidays. You can get 20% off holiday gift certificates for your friends and family. A 1-hour neuromuscular massage is now only $63 (regularly $79). Swedish and deep tissue massages are just $47 (regularly $59).

    We are also offering $100 discounts on our massage chairs. These deals are for a limited time only, so act fast.

    Our holiday deals aren’t the only reason to choose our services. We work with each of our clients to find a pain-relief program that’s suited to their needs. We have helped thousands of clients achieve optimal wellness. We also accept PPO insurance.

    Contact us to order your gift card today. We wish you the best of health for the holidays and the coming new year.

    Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the world’s largest and best neuromuscular medical massage team in the country specializing in relieving your aches and pains for good!
    Member savings plans are available. PPO insurance is also accepted.

    Is a Deep Tissue Massage Right for Me?

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    Massage generally promotes wellness. But it’s important to get the right massage for your condition. Certain types of massages can aggravate pain and make it worse.

    A deep tissue massage uses deep pressure. It is generally beneficial in providing pain relief. But it can irritate some conditions.

    Read on to find out if it’s right for you.

    What is Deep Tissue Massage?

    Deep tissue massage uses slow deep strokes. It works the muscles and connective tissues. It aims to break up scar tissue that causes tension. It also promotes circulation and reduces inflammation.

    The massage technique can be applied to one area or the entire body. The therapist will start with a lighter touch to warm up the muscles. Then they will begin digging deeper to provide intensive relief.

    What Conditions Does Deep Tissue Massage Treat?

    Deep tissue massage is ideal for inflammatory conditions. Participants in a 2014 study found it to be as effective as anti-inflammatory OTC drugs. It also reduces stress.

    It is effective in reducing the following conditions:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sports injuries
  • Are There Any Conditions That Can’t Benefit from Deep Tissue Massage?

    Deep tissue massage uses a firm pressure that may aggravate certain conditions. These include:

  • Blood clots and clotting disorders: The massage technique can cause blood clots to form and travel throughout the body
  • Bleeding disorders: The massage technique can cause light bleeding in soft tissues that can become uncontrolled in people with bleeding disorders
  • Cancer: The therapy can aggravate cancerous tumors
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women are susceptible to blood clots that can dislodge during massage
  • Wound and infections: Deep tissue massage can cause wounds to worsen and increase the risk of an infection
  • Osteoporosis: The deep pressure of the massage can cause fractures in osteoporosis patients
  • Alternatives to Deep Tissue Massage

    If a health condition prevents you from getting a deep tissue massage, a Swedish massage may be more beneficial. A Swedish massage treats many of the same issues such as chronic pain, muscle tension and soreness, sports injuries, and anxiety. It also uses the same strokes. However, Swedish massage does not penetrate as deeply.

    Whereas deep tissue massage gets deep into the inner layers of the muscles, Swedish massage targets the superficial layers.

    Massage Revolution Will Help You Find the Massage Technique That’s Right for You

    Massage Revolution provides personalized experiences for our customers. We consult with you about your pain and find the treatment that’s right for you. We have built a reputation for making our customers happy.

    Contact us to learn why we are the best massage in Manhattan Beach.

    Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center located in Manhattan Beach is the world’s largest and best neuromuscular medical massage team in the country specializing in relieving your aches and pains for good!
    Member savings plans are available. PPO insurance is also accepted.