What are the Different Types of Neck Pain?

Neck pain is not pleasant to deal with. Determining the causes and types of neck pain can help you find a pain-relieving solution.

There are various types of neck pain, and you may experience multiple types at once. Massage could help reduce pain regardless of the diagnosis. Read on to learn what type of neck pain you may be dealing with.

Axial Neck Pain

Axial neck pain is the most common type of neck pain. Also called mechanical neck pain, it is typically linked to spinal degeneration. It is focused in one part of the neck and does not move or radiate. It typically causes a dull ache that can become sharp and stinging at times.

Radicular Pain

Radicular pain is typically caused by inflammation in the nerve root of the cervical spine. It may be caused by bony overgrowths formed by spinal degeneration that irritate the nerve roots. The pain will radiate along the shoulder and hands and may cause an electric shock-like feeling with certain movements.

Referred Pain

Referred pain occurs when pain is felt in a part of the body other than its source. The pain will feel more diffused and spread out. It can be difficult to discern referred pain and radicular pain.

Medical experts are still studying how referred pain develops and spreads. Some feel a trigger point may become compressed and refer pain to other parts of the body. Referred pain in the neck could be due to a headache, shoulder pain, or back pain.

Myelopathic Pain

Myelopathic pain occurs when the spinal cord in the neck becomes compressed. Although the source of pain is in the neck, it can radiate into the legs and feet. This characteristic makes it a commonly misdiagnosed condition.

Funicular Pain

Funicular pain is similar to myelopathic pain in that it is also caused by compression in the neck’s spinal cord region. However, the compression typically occurs in the ascending tracts of the spine. It causes a dull, achy pain that can be electric shock-like at times. The pain will intensify when the neck is flexed forward.

Is Massage a Good Solution for Neck Pain?

Massage therapy is a good solution for most types of neck pain. It relaxes your neck muscles and improves flexibility. It also releases endorphins that aid with pain management.

The therapy can also be beneficial to degenerative disc disease, the source of many forms of neck pain. Studies have established it as a solution for improving flexibility and range of motion. People who suffered from neck pain were able to resume daily activities after a massage treatment.

However, it is vital to work with a therapist who understands neck pain. The wrong techniques can worsen some conditions. Choose a professional with prior medical experience.

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