Here’s How Massage Improves Range of Motion!

Range of motion allows muscles to stretch to their full potential. It reduces the risk of injury during movement. It goes hand in hand with loose, relaxed muscles.

There are several ways to increase range of motion but massage is one of the most effective. Massage works to increase body temperature and blood circulation causing muscles to relax. This makes them more flexible allowing for unrestricted movement.

Read on to discover the various ways massage can increase range of motion.

Increases Temperature
Massage produces friction which causes body temperature to increase in the area where it’s applied. This causes muscles to relax. It also decreases tightness to improve flexibility.

Boots Muscle Elasticity
Poor elasticity limits range of movement making you more prone to injury. Massage relaxes muscles allowing muscle fibers to stretch more easily.

Breaks Down Adhesions
Massage manipulates soft tissue where adhesions are formed. It is applied along muscle fibers to break down and loosen adhesions. It ensures adhesion fibers are properly aligned so they are parallel to normal muscle fibers. The better the fibers are aligned the better the range of motion will be.

Reduces Swelling
Swelling can cause pain and limit movement. Massage uses a lymphatic drainage technique to flush out excess fluids. It clears a path above the swollen area allowing excess fluid to drain from the lymphatic system so it can exit the body.

Decreases Pain
Massage interrupts the pain cycle. It increases blood circulation and loosens tight muscles to restore range of movement.

Assists the Body in Waste Removal
Massage stimulates the lymphatic system flushing out waste products. In doing so, it speeds up the healing process to promote recovery. Once recovery is complete, range of motion is restored.

What Type of Massage is Best for Increasing Range of Motion?
There are several types of massages that are recommended for increasing range of motion, but a deep tissue massage is most commonly used. It concentrates on the deep layers of muscles and tissues within the body to relax and loosen muscles. It also increases the temperature and blood flow within muscles to boost elasticity.

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