Discover the Top Professions That Need Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Massage is beneficial for many reasons. But one of its biggest advantages is its ability to treat repetitive stress injuries. It reduces pain and promotes circulation to encourage the healing process.

There are several professions with workers that are prone to repetitive stress injuries. This article will cover those professions so you can decide if a massage is right for you.

Construction Worker

When it comes to people at high risk for RSIs, construction workers are prime candidates. Construction workers use vibrating equipment, carry heavy loads, and work the same muscles repeatedly. This can lead to RSIs resulting in back, pain, neck pain, and more.

Desk Workers

Desk workers may think they have it easy because they don’t move around much during the day. But these sedentary positions can do more harm than you might think. A desk worker may incur an RSI such as computer shoulder due to repetitive movements on the mouse and keyboard, poor posture, and other factors.

Assembly Line Workers

Assembly line workers must perform the same movement repeatedly throughout the day and the workweek. This puts them at high risk for repetitive stress injuries. The risk increases if the equipment and materials they work with are heavy.

Physical/Massage Therapists

Ironically, physical and massage therapists are also at high risk for RSIs. They tend to perform repeated movements as they work their patient’s muscles. They may want to take some time off to get their own massages and physical therapy.

Auto Mechanics

Like construction workers, auto mechanics also work with heavy vibrating equipment. They perform the same movements repeatedly such as tightening and untightening bolts and screws. After a while, the stress will add up resulting in back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other unwanted conditions.


Tennis elbow is a common RSI caused by repetitive wrist and arm motions. The condition doesn’t only occur in tennis players, it occurs in other athletes and workers as well. People that play a lot of sports can benefit from regular massages.


The cooking, the chopping, the grating. These are all repetitive movements that can cause chefs to develop ongoing back pain, neck pain, hand pain, and shoulder pain. If you work in the culinary industry, be sure to include a message on your menu.

Massages can treat and prevent RSIs across a wide range of industries. If you feel you can benefit from massage therapy, Massage Revolution is highly recommended.

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