What We Can Learn from Professional Sports Massages

Massages play a vital role in athletic maintenance. Each pro sports team typically has its professional massage staff. They are essential to the athletes’ performance and recovery.

A recent Massage Today article discussed the relationship between athletes and their massage therapists. The findings provide insights to anyone passionate about fitness. Read on to learn more about the subject.

How Do Professional Athletes Differ from Other Clients?

NFL massage therapist Cicily Cannady notes that the biggest difference between athletes and traditional clients is muscle mass. The additional bulk means more time is spent warming up tissues and manipulating muscles for optimal circulation and flexibility. However, athletes carry tension in the same parts of the body as anyone else.

Jessica Satti, a massage therapist with WNBA’s Connecticut Sun, notes that athletes are more motivated to work on their own time. They know recovery work will help them achieve optimal performance levels. Therefore, they are more likely to engage in post massage therapy recovery techniques like icing, foaming, stretching, and drinking water.

Different Types of Massage for Different Athletic Needs

NBA massage therapist Julia Brimley discussed the difference between a pregame and a postgame massage. She says pregame massages are short and vigorous and designed to warm up the muscles. Postgame massages are deep-pressure massages that determine if tissue damage occurred.

Common pregame massages include trigger point massage therapy and pin and stretch. Deep tissue massage is commonly used post-game. Therapists also base best massage practices on the muscles the athlete uses most in their sport.

Timing is another crucial element. For example, cycling teams typically request massages the night before an event. Other types of athletes may require a massage right before they get on the field.

It’s a Collaborative Effort

Therapists often work alongside trainers and coaches to get the best results. The coach will provide therapists with a play-by-play of what happened on the court so they can best address individual needs. Therapists also keep experts updated on their observations and assessments.

Some therapists may even attend team meetings so they can share and receive updates on the athletes’ conditions.

How It Relates to You

Most people are not professional athletes, but learning about their massage techniques provides valuable insights to anyone passionate about fitness. It teaches the importance of focusing on post-massage recovery. It reveals the value of knowing which muscles to target during the massage process.

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