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Neuromuscular Trigger Point Massage in Los Angeles: The Secret #1 Step to End Back and Neck Pain Naturally.

Relieving trigger points in muscles is by far the #1 1st step to follow in order to ensure that the muscles in your back and neck are able to heal most effectively. Most back or neck pain is muscular and the result of repeated strains within the neck or back –so this step is vital to heal most peoples’ back and neck pain. Quite often, the strain in your muscles either causes or is caused by a muscle or a set of muscles that simply does not relax. Fortunately, every muscle comes equipped with ‘trigger points’ that when released, relaxes the muscle. Even a muscle that cannot be stretched out manually is relaxed with Neuromuscular/trigger point therapy. In most cases, you need the help of an expert Neuromuscular Massage Therapist like we have on staff in Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach, CA) to access the trigger points on your back or neck muscles. Call today and request Neuromuscular Massage for longer lasting relief!

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Pain Management Los Angeles: Restoring Normal Neck Curve Offers Benefits.

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A recent study investigated the effects of improving cervical lordosis (curve) and anterior head translation (AHT) in patients with diskogenic cervical radiculopathy (neck and arm pain). In a normal spine, the head should be suspended directly over the spine. This keeps the weight of the head over the body’s center of gravity. Furthermore, the head is supported by a shock-absorbing curve formed by the vertebral bones in the neck. Loss of this natural curve by shortened, tight muscles and a forward movement of the head can lead to increased biomechanical stress on the neck and upper back, increasing the risk for headaches and neck pain. In the study, investigators found that improving cervical lordosis and reducing AHT positively improved outcomes among the participants.

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, August 2016

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Mental Attitude: PTSD Common After Pregnancy Loss.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop in women after pregnancy loss. Researchers surveyed 113 women who’d recently had a miscarriage and found that 45% of women who miscarried and 18% of those who had an ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy) experienced the symptoms of PTSD during a follow-up three months after their pregnancy loss. Furthermore, nearly one-third of the women said their PTSD symptoms interfered with their work life, and about 40% said it affected their relationships with friends and family. Based on these findings, the researchers recommend that women who suffer a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy be routinely screened for PTSD and receive mental health support, if necessary.

BMJ Open, November 2016

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Health Alert: Sports and Eye Injuries.

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Researchers analyzed a database of emergency room visits at more than 900 hospitals in the United States and found nearly 86,000 reports of sports-related eye injuries, with about 50% of the injuries occurring during four activities: basketball (23%), baseball and softball (14%) and air guns (12%). Despite that fact air-gun eye injuries accounted for a smaller percentage, these injuries led to 26% of cases involving vision loss. This finding confirms the importance of wearing protective eyewear while playing sports.

JAMA Ophthalmology, November 2016,/p>

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Diet: Too Much Salt in US Kids' Diet.

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A majority of kids in the United States (US) consume more than the recommended amount of salt for their age. Researchers analyzed data on more than 2,100 children aged 6 to 18 and found their average salt intake was 3,256 milligrams (mg) a day. Currently, the recommended salt intake for children varies from 1,900 mg to 2,300 mg a day, depending on age. The researchers add that nearly half of kids’ salt intake came from the following ten foods: pizza, Mexican mixed dishes, sandwiches (including burgers), breads, cold cuts, soups, savory snacks, cheese, plain milk, and poultry. Lead author Dr. Zerleen Quader notes the best way to reduce salt intake is to feed your children a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables without added sodium or sauces and to choose no-salt-added or lower-sodium versions of packaged foods.

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, November 2016

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Exercise: Exercise May Help Maintain Hearing.

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In a new animal-based study, researchers found that aging sedentary mice lost structures important to the auditory system—hair cells and strial capillaries—at a much higher rate than their exercising counterparts. Study co-author Christiaan Leeuwenburgh writes, “Exercise likely releases some growth factors yet to be discovered that maintain capillary density as compared to the control animals who were not exercising… Also, exercise may release other beneficial factors, but can also attenuate and blunt negative factors, such as inflammation.”

Journal of Neuroscience, November 2016

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Wellness/Prevention: Curbing That Chronic Cough.

Frequent coughing may be a sign you’re suffering from an illness, allergies, or exposure to a lung irritant. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute suggests the following to help reduce your cough: quit smoking; figure out which allergens or irritants trigger your cough; avoid common triggers, such as cigarette smoke, mold, pollen, animal dander, or dust; eat a healthy diet; and get plenty of exercise and rest.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, November 2016

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