Use Trigger Point Massage To Release Your Lats



While a lot of muscles that cause pain are hidden away, invisible to the naked eye, the latissimus dorsi is not one of them. But bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to pain.

More commonly known as the lats, these important back muscles are the large, triangular-shaped ones you use to do perform big motions like swinging an axe or doing pull-ups. They’re also involved in breathing.

Pain in the lats can make it hard to bend your torso to the side. It can also make every breath agony.

Injuries from activities like strenuous exercise, sports, and shoveling are common causes of lat pain, but even everyday movements can cause trigger points to flare up.

Poor posture when sitting, standing or walking can also cause trigger points.

Trigger points in the lats cause pain on site right in the mid-back. But it can also refer pain elsewhere, including through the side of the body, down the back of the arm all the way into the pinkie side of the hand.

Trigger points in the lat muscles can also cause pain in the chest, hip, and abdominals, as well as muscle spasms, difficulty breathing, and even fever.

While a typical doctor will often diagnose the problem as tendonitis or nerve entrapment, the fact is that the vast majority of muscle pain is cause by trigger points.

To lasting relief, neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy are your best options.

Trigger point massage works even if the trouble spot has been bothering you for months or years. Because neuromuscular massage gets to the root of the problem, it can free you from pain for good.

Why subject your body to drugs or surgery when there’s the totally natural option of trigger massage point therapy?

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