Stiff neck, torticollis, herniated disc, tension headache, neck strain, arthritis, these are just some of the common diagnoses for neck pain.

But the truth is that the number one cause of neck pain is trigger points.

Some 85% of all muscle pain is caused by trigger points.

Neuromuscular massage and trigger point massage therapy is the best way to deal with trigger point pain.

The anatomy of the neck is complicated. Dozens of muscles work together to hold up that 10-lb. bowling ball (aka your head) and allow it to move.

Any given muscle can have more than one trigger point, which adds up to a lot of potential for pain.

Trigger points in the neck can also refer or send pain elsewhere. The trouble may start in the neck, but spread down into the shoulders and arm or up into the head.

Trigger points can also cause other seemingly unrelated symptoms, including a runny nose, sore throat, or dizziness.

Doctors tend to diagnose the problem in terms of the symptoms, but giving you medicine for a headache will not solve the problem if it’s due to trigger points.

Trigger points may be latent or active. When they’re latent, they often feel like a deep ache, cause stiffness or soreness, and may limit range of motion.

Active trigger points are easy to find because they hurt like heck.

Trigger points in the front of the neck can be particularly sensitive.

Trigger points develop from a variety of causes. Accidents and injuries are one way, but under-and overuse are also common causes, such as sitting in a desk chair for too long, or using one that isn’t ergonomic for your body.

Spending too much time staring at your cell phone (aka text neck) is another popular culprit. Even an incorrect glasses prescription can set off trigger points.

In the case of physical trauma, even after the injury heals, the trigger points may linger, causing on-going pain and suffering.

While pain pills may help in the short run, trigger point therapy offers safe, 100% natural relief without resorting to meds.

Even better, neuromuscular massage offers long-term and even permanent relief because it gets at the root of the problem.

Trigger point therapy works even if you’ve been dealing with the issue for years.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center is the best massage clinic in South Bay and greater Los Angeles. It employs the largest collection of trigger point massage therapists around the globe.

A single session of trigger point massage and neuromuscular therapy may be all you need to obtain lasting relief.

For those with recurring issues, regularly scheduled appointments are another option.

There is no need to live with neck pain, back pain, or any pain. Appointments are available today.

PPO insurance accepted. Member savings plans are also available.

You May Be A Candidate For Trigger Point Massage Or Neuromuscular Therapy For Trigger Point Pain!

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