Low back pain is one of the main reasons people go to see a doctor. It’s also a prime reason people miss work.

Some 80% of Americans will experience back pain in their lifetime.

Popular wisdom says that common causes of pain in back and neck muscles are injuries, herniated disks, or medical conditions like scoliosis, but that’s not the case.

The most common cause of low back pain is trigger points.

What are trigger points? Trigger points are little spots in muscles that are painful to the touch. They cause pain locally and may also refer pain elsewhere.

Trigger points are especially common in the low back.

Trigger points can seem almost mysterious. But there’s no mystery that they cause a lot of misery.

Trigger points may be latent or active. Latent trigger points make you feel sore and stiff. Active trigger points create sharp, nagging pain.

Because trigger points can send pain quite far away, it can be difficult to know where the problem lies.

Even crazier, of the five most common muscles with trigger points that cause low back pain, only one is actually located in the low back.

That one is the quadratus lumborum or QL. The others are the psoas, iliacus, piriformis, and gluteus medius.

The QL is deep in the low back on either side of the spine. Trigger points in the QL may cause pain in the back, or down into the upper, middle, or side of the hip.

The psoas and iliacus are hip flexors, and they are also common culprits of low back pain. They often get tight from too much sitting. Pain may be felt in the low back, into the top of the hip, and on the front of the thigh.

The gluteus medius is a hip muscle. Trigger points in the gluteus medius can cause pain all over the hip and low back, as well as down the outside of the thigh.

The piriformis is another little muscle in the hip that can inflict a lot of pain. Besides low back pain, trigger points in the piriformis can create tailbone pain, and send pain all the way down the back of the leg. The piriformis is also often the guilty gremlin behind sciatica.

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