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Think surgery is the answer for chronic low back pain? Think again. High quality, advance massage therapy and bodywork is where it’s at. No knives, no drugs; just effective, natural evidence-based pain relief.

Back pains are the number one cause of disability around the world, preventing many people from being able to work, not to mention play. Just about everyone will experience back pains at some point or other, but when it interferes with work and everyday activities, it’s time to take action.

You may experience pain in your lower, middle or upper back, on the left or right side only, or maybe you feel it all over. Because of the way the muscles run, lower back pain can even extend up into the back of the head. Any which way you feel it, neuromuscular trigger point massage therapy and advanced deep tissue massage can help give you lasting relief.

Our therapists take a personalized approach to each individual case. Your particular issue may need neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, as well as stretches, exercises and other recommendations or ‘homework’ for you to do to keep your back feeling good. Here’s why. When a person hurts his or her back, the muscles that run along the spine close to the surface often tighten up to protect the area from further injury, leading to lower or upper back muscle pain.

While this may protect your back in the short-term, it isn’t great over the long-term, and this type of restriction often leads to further injury and pain in the back, and even in other parts of the body. Another thing that happens when these superficial muscles tighten is that the deeper ones weaken, which only increases the risk of further back injury.

Due to the complexity of back problems, the neuromuscular massage therapist must be able work on multiple layers, but our specially-trained therapists are up to the task. Using neuromuscular massage therapy, we release tight spots and painful trigger points, restoring muscles to their proper length. This in turn corrects your posture and releases muscles from painful spasms and trigger points. Once the superficial muscles are released, you can strengthen the deeper ones. In time, they will return to their normal, strong, healthy condition and your body will work better than ever. Even that pain in lower left side of back will disappear.

But don’t just take our word for it; listen to the Canadians. You know how no-nonsense those Canadians can be about back pain. Seriously though, research proves the multi-prong approach to be true. Just last year, in 2018, the Canadian Therapeutic Guideline Initiative wrote, “A multimodal approach including MT (manual therapy), other commonly used active interventions, self-management, advice, and exercise is an effective treatment strategy for acute and chronic back pain.”






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