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Neuromuscular Trigger Point Massage in Manhattan Beach: Trigger Points & Massage for Lumbar Disc Herniation

Researchers recently from randomly divided 60 patients with lumbar disc hernias into two groups: one received the standard treatment of B12 injections, traction, and heat  therapy. The other received trigger point stimulation and neuromuscular massage therapy. The standard therapy produced an 80% success rate of healing the hernia; the trigger point and massage group? 96.7% If you want to get lasting relief from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and more, then call and book neuromuscular massage today!

Healthcare Medicine Institute, April 2014

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Manhattan Beach Pain Management:Musculoskeletal Pain Is a Major Problem for Surgeons!

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An analysis of data provided by 312 surgeons found that neck pain was the most common musculoskeletal complaint among respondents, followed by neck pain (45.8%), back pain (42.3%), and shoulder pain (40.1%). The research team also identified the these work-related risk factors for musculoskeletal pain among surgeons: time spent performing surgeries per week (>25 hours per week), duration of each surgery (> 3 hours), years spent as a surgeon (>10 years), and hours spent in a standing position each day (>4 hours).

Applied Ergonomics, February 2018

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Mental Attitude in Manhattan Beach: Living in a Bad Neighborhood Linked to Cognitive Decline...

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After controlling for individual factors, French researchers report that older women living in deprived neighborhoods appear to have a 1.29-times greater risk for dementia and a 1.42-times increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia, November 2017

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Manhattan Beach Health Alert: Waiting Just a Month to Remove Melanoma Can Be Deadly.

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An analysis of data regarding over 153,000 adults found that postponing surgical treatment for more than 29 days led to lower survival rates for those diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma. Researcher Dr. Brian Gastman writes, “We saw significantly worse prognoses and outcomes for those surgically treated after 30 days of stage I melanoma diagnosis. Knowing for certain that a more expedient time to surgery to remove an early melanoma improves the chances of survival is a game-changer in treating this life-threatening skin cancer.”

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, October 2017

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Diet: Certain Foods May Help Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain.

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According to a new report in the Frontiers of Nutrition, foods such as pomegranates, dried plums, whole grains, ginger, turmeric, and olive oil appear to reduce inflammation, which may benefit patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Frontiers in Nutrition, November 2017

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Exercise in Manhattan Beach: Walk Your Way to Fitness.

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According to experts from the Mayo Clinic, regular brisk walking can help one maintain a healthy weight; prevent or manage various chronic diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes; strengthen bones and muscles; improve one’s mood; and improve one’s balance and coordination. They add that the faster, further, and more frequent you walk, the greater the benefits you can achieve.

Mayo Clinic, November 2017

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Wellness/Prevention in the South Bay: Reducing UV Radiation Exposure.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a significant cause of skin cancer. To minimize exposure, the American Cancer Society suggests the following: stay in the shade during the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM when UV rays are the strongest; wear sunscreen when outside at all times; wear clothes that cover most of your skin; wear a wide brimmed hat to protect you head, neck, and face; and wear sunglasses that are designed block dangerous UV rays.

American Cancer Society, November 2017.

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