Seven hours is the recommended amount of sleep for adults, but one out of every three people do not get this much.

Some of us aren’t even close to that.

Chronic insomnia is defined as at least 3 episodes of difficulty sleeping per week for at least three months. Ten percent of the adult population suffers from chronic insomnia.

Older Americans are particularly plagued, with some 75% experiencing trouble sleeping.

Over 90% of people with depression suffer from sleep problems including insomnia.

Insomnia negatively affects your energy, your mood, and your ability to function. In short, it can wreak havoc with your quality of life.

Insomnia may also be the cause or the result of other health issues.

Insomnia is expensive. One study suggests that somewhere upwards of $200 billion is lost each year in productivity due to insomnia.

Pain is a common cause of insomnia. It’s hard to fall asleep if you can’t get comfortable.

Pain in back and neck muscles also make it hard to stay asleep.

The vast majority of muscle pain is caused by trigger points.

Trigger points are micro-cramps in muscles. As tiny as they are, they cause a lot of pain and suffering.

Trigger points have two settings: latent and active.

Latent trigger points make you feel sore, stiff, and tired.

Active trigger points never let you know they’re there. They can make it hard to move.

Trigger points can also send or refer pain elsewhere, making your whole body miserable.

Doctors are quick to whip out the prescription pad when it comes to things like insomnia and pain, but drugs have many unwanted side effects, interact with other medications, and can be highly addictive.

Even ‘natural’ options like melatonin create dependency.

But there are alternatives to being a zombie or getting hooked on pills.

Massage therapy is 100% natural and it works.

Trigger point massage therapy, aka neuromuscular massage, offers an effective, long-lasting way to alleviate muscle pain.

Massage relaxes your body and your mind, putting you in an optimum place to get a restful night’s sleep.

Multiple studies show that massage reduces pain and fatigue while improving overall sleep quality.

There’s a better than good chance you’ll sleep like a baby after just one session of massage therapy.

When it comes to dealing with insomnia, many find that regular appointments work best.

The Back & Neck Relief Center in Los Angeles is the biggest trigger point massage treatment center on the planet.

PPO insurance is accepted. Member savings plans are also available.

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