Sick All the Time? Massage Can Help

We all know that massage is effective in relieving pain and stress. But research shows that it can also be beneficial in boosting immunity. This is good news for people that often find themselves coming down with colds and flus. It may even help reduce the risk of more serious diseases. Read on to find out how a massage near me can improve your overall health.

Improves Circulation

Massage improves circulation throughout the body. It allows nutrients to flow through the body and aids with the elimination of harmful waste. This boosts overall wellbeing making us less prone to illness and disease.

May Help Fight Disease

Research shows that regular massages increase the immune system’s ability to kill harmful cells. It also boosts the production of T-cells that protect the body from infection and may even help fight cancer.

A 1996 study reviewed results of 20 HIV positive men who received five 45-minute massages a week. Participants showed an increase of serotonin in immune system cells that aid the body in defending itself from infection and disease. This establishes the benefits of massage for HIV+ men as well as those with other illnesses.

Decreases Pain and Stress to Boost Immunity

Pain and stress cause a rise in cortisol levels. When pain and stress are experienced for a long time, cortisol levels can increase to a point where they interfere with the body’s ability to maintain glucose levels and prevent nerve damage. Cortisol also lowers the lymphocytes in blood negatively affecting white blood cell formation and reducing the body’s defenses in fighting invaders.

Massage offers pain management and stress reduction that keep cortisol levels under control. It prevents the body from breaking down so it’s in fighting shape to overcome illness.

Even One Session Can Help

Not everyone has the time and money to get massages on an ongoing basis. But did you know that just one massage can yield significant improvements in a person’s immune and endocrine systems?

One study looked at the effects of Swedish and light touch massages using “specific and identical protocols”. Participants were tested after a 45-minute session. Blood samples showed a significant change in lymphocytes which play an important role in immunity.

The group also showed decreased cortisol levels and a reduction in inflammatory cytokines which are produced by infection-fighting white blood cells.

Massage is a way of improving health naturally. It staves off illness reducing medical bills and time taken off work. And unlike medications, it does not produce any unwanted side effects.

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