Posture Alignment Therapy

Who Wants To Be Pain Free?

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Pain Relief with Postural Alignment Therapy

If you are reading this, you are probably in chronic pain for quite some time and at the point where you are no longer willing to live with it. You are ready to take action and do something about it.

You are on a mission to find an answer and solution to your pain. Most likely you have already tried many things, many so-called “solutions” for your pain that at best gave you temporary relief.

Let me start by asking you a few revealing questions:

  1. Are you in pain, frustrated with our health-care system, looking for a long-term natural solution other than drugs, surgery, or manipulation?

  2. Does your Massage Therapist work the exact tight muscles every visit?

  3. Does your Chiropractor need to consistently adjust the same part of your spine or body every time?

  4. Are your chiropractic adjustments only lasting a few days or less? Have you stopped for a moment to think about why?

  5. Did you experience good results during physical therapy yet the relief did not last when your therapy ended?

  6. Did your chronic pain actually feel worse after surgery, adjustments, massage or physical therapy?

Here’s the BAD News:

These, are just a few examples that indicate a “muscular imbalance” in your body.

Here’s the GOOD News:

This is fixed 95% of the time with Posture Alignment Therapy!

Starting Today, You Don’t Have to Live in Pain. Posture Therapy is simple and amazing exercises with incredible results, often giving immediate relief. They eliminate and manage chronic pain like osteoarthritis, back, neck, knee or hip pain, degenerative disc disease, stress/tension headaches, even complex disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome or TMJ…all naturally and safely, without drugs, surgery, doctor visits or manipulation. It helps you rediscover, restore, and return your body to its original design: Pain-Free!

Posture Alignment Therapy Attacks the Root Cause of Your Pain

So You Eliminate It Once and For All!

It is a progression of muscle balance exercises specific to your unique posture and pain, strengthening specific muscles and restoring your body back to its proper pain-free alignment and function

The main focus of treatment is on the underlying “source of your pain”, not just a “Band-Aid” effect to mask or reduce your pain.

Eliminating “the cause” is the best way to eliminate “the pain”

This therapy gets to the cause because it uses the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics to fix your muscle imbalances that cause your postural distortions and chronic pain.

It’s a form of exercise that brings your body back into proper pain-free postural position and center of gravity, where it functions best. The body is designed to perform at its optimum level, with greatest balance and stability, when in a position of good posture. Unfortunately over time we tend to get muscle imbalances by picking up bad habits of slouching, leaning or even sitting at our desks at work in really distorted positions.

Day after day being in these postural distorted positions causes certain muscles to get tight and others to get really loose and weak. Some muscles eventually decide to neurologically “turn off” and not work at all.

Chronic inactivity, traumas, accidents, surgeries, and over-use all lead to “muscle imbalances” in your body. Your body compensates for these muscle imbalances by pulling and rotating it out of its natural pain-free alignment.

Without realizing it, one of your shoulders or hips may be higher, lower, or rotated forward, or your pelvis tilting forward pulling you way out of alignment.

When any body part or segment is out of alignment, another part needs to compensate and tighten up in order to try to bring your body back into alignment. This is why chronic pain symptoms develop in other parts of your body, and why where you feel your pain is not necessarily where it’s truly coming from.

These exercises undo and neutralize these muscle imbalances, postural distortions, and compensations and return your body back to its original, balanced design: Pain-Free.

You do a progression of exercises for 20 minutes a day average, which then loosens your tight muscles, and activates the weak ones. Your body achieves better overall musculoskeletal function, higher quality of motion and life

Fix Your Muscle Imbalances & Postural Distortions Now!

Take a look at the first 4 common postural distortions below and compare them to the last one with good posture. Do any of these look familiar to you? Are you in pain?


Why Correct Posture Prevents Chronic Pain!

When you have bad posture or even posture that’s only slightly out of alignment, your bones do not line up vertically or horizontally. This causes your body to work hard and fight against the strong invisible forces of gravity. This poor posture causes increased strain and tension on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints that work so hard to hold you upright.

So when you have correct posture, you have less physical stress and pain because of minimal tension in your muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Correct posture and alignment also dictates your organ, blood vessel, and nerve position. It dramatically affects your body physically, psychologically, emotionally, and energetically.

Your body’s natural pain-free state or “blue-print alignment” has good “muscle balance,” holding its weight with the least amount of muscle tension possible.

Correct posture means gravity is your friend and works with you, yet bad posture turns gravity into your enemy. The least amount of gravitational force enters your body with correct posture. Yet more stressful gravitational forces enter your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and body with bad posture causing you more chronic pain.

Since your body does work as a unit, even when your shoulders, hips, pelvis, knees, or ankles are only slightly out of alignment, it often leads to compensating tightness and chronic pain in others areas of your body. This means when your pelvis and hips are rotated out of alignment, it can cause lower back, knee, shoulder, wrist, or foot pain. Likewise, when your shoulders or hips are rotated or elevated out of alignment, it can cause lower back, hip, sciatica or knee pain.

Muscle ImbalancesPoor PostureTrigger PointsChronic Pain

Chronic inactivity, traumas, accidents, surgeries, and over-use all lead to “muscle imbalances” in your body. Your body compensates for these muscle imbalances by pulling and rotating it out of its natural pain-free alignment. These muscle imbalances eventually lead to poor posture or posture that is even slightly out of alignment. This causes parts of your body to tighten up which leads to “trigger points” and chronic pain. It’s really important to understand that even the slightest, most minimal postural distortion often leads to chronic pain.


Muscular Imbalances and Bad Posture Cause…

Back pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, TMJ Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Whiplash, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Spinal dysfunction, Joint and disc degeneration, Rounded shoulders and resulting shoulder pain, Protruding abdomen, Nerve compression, forward head posture, Herniated Discs, Piriformis syndrome, Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Numbness In The Extremities, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome , Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, Chronic Muscle Tightness, Loss of Flexibility, Excessive Menstrual Pain, Foot and Ankle Pain, Heel Spurs, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Circulatory Problems, Digestive Problems, Respiratory Problems, Chronic Sports Injuries, Vertigo/Balancing Problems, Plantar Faciitis, Torticollis, Shin Splints, Tendonitis, Spasms, Cramps, Strains, Post Polio Syndrome And Many Others.

It’s often muscle imbalances and bad postural alignment at the root cause of any aching, throbbing, burning, stabbing, tingling, piercing, grinding, tension, stiffness, restriction, clicking or pounding sensation.

Your body constantly fights gravity to keep your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles lined up and remaining vertical straight above each other. When any part gets out of balance or rotated out of alignment in any direction, your body compensates and often experiences pain.

These gentle, customized, highly effective Posture Alignment Exercises fix your muscle imbalances, relieve most types of musculoskeletal chronic pain, and empower you with a solution other than drugs, surgery, or manipulation.

Posture Alignment Exercises are a natural solution of pain management without chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, drugs or surgery

Again, let me ask you a few revealing questions for you to think about:

  • Has a doctor given up on you saying “they’ve done everything they can for you” and that “you’re only option is drugs or surgery?”
  • Are you regularly seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist or health-practitioner with short term results hoping one day your pain finally ends for good?
  • Are you looking for a chronic pain solution that gives you the tools to heal your body on its own instead of jumping from practitioner to practitioner?
  • Do you still suffer from chronic pain even though you tried drugs, cortisone injections, surgery, joint replacement, physical therapy, chiropractic or other treatments?
  • Have you stopped doing hobbies or activities you love to do because you’re in pain?
  • Do you perform your daily activities differently because of pain or physical limitations?

These posture exercises completely empower you to take charge of your health and body for any level of physical condition you’re in. As you progress the exercises, you put an end to muscle imbalances, postural distortions, trigger points, chronic pain, and allow your body to naturally heal and restore itself according to its blueprint design.

The gentle exercises and stretches taught at Eliminate Pain Now are universally appropriate for people of all ages. Whether you suffer with chronic pain, get injured frequently, want to function and move better, or an athlete looking to perform better, this program works for you.

By reading this far I applaud you for being motivated, empowered, and taking charge of your physical health to get yourself out of pain.

Whether you have a lot of pain or are just plain tired of the constant tension and muscle spasms you feel, get help now!

Your body and quality of life is worth it and you deserve to stay active, sit comfortably at your desk, and sleep better… pain-free. I invite you to restore the joy of movement back into your life and maintain your muscles in their optimum state of relaxation—all without drugs or side effects.

Come get started on the road to a pain-free life and stay that way for a lifetime.

…Call today for guaranteed relief and results!

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