Neuromuscular Massage Therapy For Shoulder Pain

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Frozen shoulder is a condition causing severe pain. It involves sudden onset of pain caused by a series of muscles tightening in the shoulder area. The underlying cause does not materialize abruptly. The condition is due to a muscular imbalance rooted from numerous factors with the most common being strains and inactivity.

The body is quite effective in adjusting and compensating for muscular imbalances and injuries. The bodily adjustments can and do extend for long periods of time. Therefore, you may not feel much muscular or skeletal discomfort even though there’s increasing muscular compensation taking place. But as you might guess, the body also has limitations to this cover-up. When it reach that point, any minimal movement can trigger muscular spasm and drive the imbalance into new and severe source of localized pain.

Massage Revolutions neuromuscular massage therapy is a highly effective treatment in relieving and eliminating frozen shoulder pain. This massage therapy eliminates muscle spasms and hyper-contraction in the tissue by correcting the structural imbalances that forms the compensating muscular pattern. The treatment will pinpoint the greatest source of pain like ischemic tissues or muscles lacking of blood supply due to tightening. Neuromuscular massage therapy will locate the specific contributory muscle imbalances thus enabling precisely located massage treatment to the effected area.

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