Massage Deals – Because paying full price sucks!

In order to be one of your preferred choices for holiday gifts this season, we’re going out on a limb to give you big holiday discounts this year to save you money.  Especially since we’re celebrating with our expansion into a great new location next door in January.

It’s totally understandable that you want your holiday gift budget to stretch as far as possible, to save as much money as possible, and keep as much of it as you can where it belongs – in your wallets and bank accounts.


Who Wants Big Holiday Discounts?

For a little bit longer, get 20% off holiday gift certificates to give to your friends and family.  That’s only $63 for 1 hour neuromuscular massages (regularly $79) and $47 for 1 hour swedish or deep tissue massages (regularly $59).

To grab your discount, simply click  Massage Deals at Massage Revolution  and call or email saying you want your “Special 20% Off Holiday Discount.”

Massage often makes a huge shift in someones life, often more than you realize.  Give your loved ones an experience they remember, that gives lasting relief, calmness and peace for days to come.  You won’t regret it, they’ll cherish you for it!


Since we mainly do massages, we put our heads together to figure out how else to bring you exciting savings this holiday season.

If you didn’t already know, we sell what thousands consider the “Best Chair for Bad Backs” you’ll find anywhere.

This office chair finally allows you to sit without pain for hours and work all day in comfort.

Check it out right here at Best Chair for Bad Backs


Get an additional $100 OFF our “Best Chair for Bad Backs” for the next 10 days only!


And when you purchase your chair, you have 30 days to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with it.

95% of people love it, and decide it’s their new best friend in their fight to sit pain-free comfortably for hours.

To get your $100 discount, just email us you’re interested, and we’ll take care of you right away.


We’re grateful for the opportunity to be your gift of choice this holiday season.  Either way we wish you a blessed and peaceful time for you and your loved ones.

…Call today for guaranteed relief and results!


Licensed and Professional

Neuromuscular Massage Therapists

Family Owned Business

Massage Revolution & Therapeutic Massage Los Angeles offers all types of massage services to help you live relaxed, rejuvenated, and pain-free. We proudly serve the South Bay cities including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Playa Del Rey, Westside (Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, etc) and surrounding Los Angeles areas.

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