Wait…Your Lower Back Pain When Sitting May Continue Unless You Read This!

Do you sit all day with your “perfect” chair and still suffer from lower back pain?  Sitting is one of the biggest culprits to lower back, hip, knee and all sorts of chronic pain.  As human beings, your  body’s design and “blueprint” is for motion, whether for walking, running, even skipping.  It’s amazing to imagine how the desk job has only existed for a “blink of the eye” compared to how long us humans have been around. The high-tech and computer revolution has created the desk job with a number of chronic pain conditions to boot.

The Source of Your Lower Back Pain When Sitting is a Locked Spine!

The source of the problem with lower back pain when sitting is that your spine remains locked and in a fixed position all long without movement.  Sitting all day long in the typical office chair in fixed position deactivates and “shuts down” your pelvic and lower back postural muscles.  Basically, your postural muscles go on vacation for awhile and start to atrophy and waste away from lack of use as they turn to jelly.  This is a huge problem, as you need these very same muscles to stabilize your lower back and keep it strong.

Throughout civilization, human beings have constantly trained their postural muscles  to be active  with functional activities such as walking, squatting, lifting, and lunging.  Before technology, the hunter and gather, cave man, cowboy, and every other time period people needed to be very active to survive.  Now, it’s a whole society that goes from the computer  desk, to the car, to the remote control on the couch.

So why do you need your pelvic and lumbar  postural muscles to be so active? Well, you see, it’s your postural muscles that hold you  vertically upright, strong and stable, balanced, and keep you out of lower back pain when sitting.  Without these muscles active throughout your day while you focus for hours typing away at your computer, these muscles basically turn to mash potatoes just like Gumby.  That’s why elderly people often fall, and  lose their balance and stability.  Their postural muscles have gone become too weak.

If you do sit for hours upon hours each day, there are highly effective postural exercises exercises you can do to keep your postural muscles engaging over time

However, the first thing you must do is get the right chair that doesn’t lock your spine all day and gives it the movement it needs.  There’s so many expensive chairs on the market, the majority still keeping your spine locked all day long.

Finally, sit pain-free for hours and work in comfort!

If you want to finally sit comfortably all day without lower back pain, I highly suggest this chair, which is the best back relief chair on the market after testing the great majority of most expensive ones sold. It maintains your correct posture, freedom of natural movement, true lumbar support and less pain. It allows your pelvis, spine and body to move freely in its natural position, keeping your spine and muscles more fluid and relaxed all day so you have no more locked spine.

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The worst thing for your back, body, and nervous system is to lock your spine in place for hours sitting. Your muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs get tight, compressed, and rigid over time. Even subtle movement provides benefits to your back. This ergonomic chairs unique, patented design facilitates movement. The chair allows your spine to move all day long, keeping your spine loose, supple, and flexible.

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