Lose The Back Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Got back pain? Studies show that some 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point or other in our lives. But seeing as that’s most of us, this fact probably doesn’t come as a surprise. What you might not know is that research also shows that a whopping three-quarters of our pain is caused by trigger points. To be sure, things like herniated discs and arthritis could be the source of your back pain, as could a whole laundry list of other problems from kidney stones to scoliosis. But by and large, trigger points, which are tiny, extremely sensitive micro-cramps in your muscles, are most often to blame.

Trigger points in back and neck muscles, and really anywhere in the body, are usually the result of poor posture and/or overuse, such as work- or sports-related repetitive motions. Stress, nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins can also cause trigger points. So can a car accident, a lumpy pillow or even an air conditioning vent blowing on your neck. So what? you might think. So, these little gremlins known as trigger points cause big problems, changing the way you sit, stand, and move. This in turn puts stress on your muscles, tendons and joints, and can add up to dysfunction throughout the body.

The bad news is that trigger points are not well-studied — or even understood — by the medical community. Doctors tend to prescribe medications or surgery to treat the symptoms, but these things rarely address the source of the problem. The good news is that neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy can alleviate your trigger point pain, all without drugs or surgery.

The massage therapists at Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center are the best in the business and have all received advanced training in finding and treating trigger points in back muscles, in neck muscles, or anywhere they appear on the body. Many of our clients experience amazing relief after a single session of trigger point massage, while others prefer to schedule regular appointments to keep on top of their triggers. Either way, there’s no need to suffer due to trigger point pain. What are you waiting for? Call and schedule your neuromuscular massage appointment today.

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