How to Give a Great Massage

Many of us enjoy a great massage. Unfortunately, not all of us can get to the spa to unwind. A friend or relative may be able to provide a home massage to promote pain relief and relaxation. 

You may have a loved one who needs a massage, or you may want to give them a massage for a special occasion like a birthday or Valentine’s Day. But how can you ensure you are providing a quality massage that they will truly enjoy? This article offers valuable pointers. 

The Right Positioning is Crucial 

A massage will be most effective if both the giver and the recipient are in a comfortable position. Ideally, you would use a professional massage table with a face cradle. But if you don’t have one in your home, you can place a stiff pillow beneath the recipient’s torso so they can turn their head as needed. 

The person giving the massage should be at an angle that provides leverage. They should not be contorted in any way. They should lean into the recipient’s body rather than press on it. 

Getting the Right Finger Position

Many people don’t enjoy giving a massage because it hurts their hands. A massage therapist will attain a comfortable position that minimizes the use of thumbs which often experience the most discomfort during the massage process. They will see their hands as an extension of their bodies and use their weight rather than their fingers to generate pressure. 

What are the Best Massage Techniques?

  • Go with the grain of the muscle: A muscle chart will indicate the orientation of the muscles so you can move your fingers in the right direction. Apply pressure with the orientation of the muscle and perpendicular to the muscle’s orientation. 
  • Gently pinch or pull away from the muscles to relieve tightness.
  • Use circular motions along the muscles.
  • When addressing the wrists and ankles, gently twist in alternating directions.
  • Use a “Barbie Hand” technique which involves holding your fingers stiffly together to form paddles; bend the longer fingers slightly to allow your fingertips to apply a straight line of pressure. 
  • Use various body parts to ease muscles. Use your knuckles while holding a loose or clenched fist. Integrate your elbow. Your forearm can get into the action but apply it when slightly turned so the pressure comes from the inside of the forearm and not the exterior. 

A Professional Massage is Recommended

Home massages are a great way to unwind and relax. However, professional massages are recommended to guide massage activities. A professional can tell you what issues must be addressed and the best way to address them. 

Additionally, you should refrain from home massages if you are dealing with a serious medical issue. 

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