How Massage Can Help You Get Over Your Car Accident

A car accident is difficult to recover from. In addition to physical injuries, you may also be dealing with emotional trauma. You may be reliving the incident, making you scared to get back in a car.

Massage is beneficial to people who have recently been in car accidents. It can help with mental and physical healing. It can help you get back to everyday life.

Here are some of the ways massage can help with the healing process.

Good for Soft Tissue Injuries

Car accidents often result in soft tissue injuries. These are injuries to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that often occurs in car accidents.

Massage is an excellent way to promote healing from soft tissue injuries. It increases circulation to decrease swelling. It relieves muscle tension. It can reduce the neck pain of whiplash, treat knee pain injuries, and more.

Provides Stress Relief

People tend to experience a lot of stress after a car accident. In addition to being traumatized by the accident itself, they may also be dealing with insurance and legal processes that add to the stress. They may also be looking at expensive repairs and rising insurance premiums.

Massage is a well-known stress-relieving treatment. It relaxes muscles that become tense in stressful situations. It also increases serotonin production which elevates mood and promotes better sleep.

Improves Range of Motion

When you are injured, your body tightens up. You may not have the flexibility you did before the accident. You may not be able to move like you used to.

Massage loosens up tight muscles restoring your range of motion. It makes it easy for you to get back to everyday activities. It also reduces the likelihood that you will re-injure yourself.

It is Beneficial for Concussions

Concussions are another common car accident injury. Early intervention in the form of massage therapy is a great way to ensure the cervicogenic headaches that are common after a concussion don’t become chronic. It is frequently recommended by physicians as post- concussion treatment.

Reduces Soreness and General Pain

After a car accident, you are likely dealing with pain and soreness all over your body. You may be experiencing back pain, hip pain, and more, even in areas you didn’t think were injured.

Massage relaxes the muscles and stimulates nerve fibers to reduce pain messages sent to and from the brain. It is effective in promoting overall wellness.

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