Health Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Massage Revolution Back & Neck Relief Center - Health Benefits of Reflexology Massage in South Bay, LA

Refloxology Massage is skyrocketing as an alternative therapy for various maladies. Ancient Chinese and Egyptians were documented to have applied same concept in treating certain illnesses.

In Refloxology or Zone Therapy, the reflexologist applies pressure to particular areas in the hands, feet and ears. These areas have connections to other areas of the body. When these specific zones are manipulated, it provides relief and healing to those afflicted body parts it represents.

Here some benefits you get from Refloxology Massage Therapy:

  • Enhances nerve functions – Through Refloxology Massage, numerous nerves in the body are stimulated. Thus, enhances their function and reactivity.
  • Improve energy levels – It increases the metabolism and energy creation process of the body as it promotes normal functioning of various organs.
  • Promotes good circulation – It improves the blood and oxygen cycle of the entire body. This means vital organs can receive sufficient oxygen which it requires to function normally.
  • Provides relaxation – Reflexology can open neural pathways and the free-flowing neural process puts your mind and body in a calm relaxing state.
  • Stimulates Nervous System – When neural pathways are opened, it also improves brain’s ability to process inputs more effectively.
  • Eliminates headache and other body pains – The massage therapy can relieve muscular tension and eliminates stress which is a predisposing factor of certain pains such as headache and migraine.
  • Flushes out toxins – The bladder and urinary functions are also improved through zone therapy. Thereby, toxins are eliminated properly out from the body.

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