Got Tummy Trouble? Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Whether December is ever the most wonderful time of year is debatable, but this year we can safely say, No, it is not. But just because parties are canceled doesn’t always mean party-style eating is. Holiday baking is going stronger than ever and who can resist all those treats? Too many cookies are certainly one culprit behind tummy trouble, but what if you’ve been good and you’re still feeling the pain? Trigger points are tricky little critters and evidence of their work pops up in the most unexpected places, like in your gut. But don’t worry. You can find effective, lasting help without popping antacids all winter long. Trigger point massage therapy could be your ticket to relief.

Trigger points cause no end of trouble, including pain, stiffness and reduced range of motion. From TMJ to sciatica to pain in back and neck muscles, trigger points are the most common cause of body aches and pain. For all the trouble they cause, there is surprisingly little known about them. Even most doctors don’t really think of trigger points when people come to them in pain. While trigger points most commonly cause pain in back and neck muscles, they can stir up trouble anywhere, including in your digestive tract.

Trigger points appear from a variety of causes including things like poor posture and under- and overuse, but dietary choices, infections and psychological stress are other possible sources. The exact cause of the trigger point can’t always be determined, but most people just care about making the pain stop. While doctors are quick on the draw with the prescription pad, you may find trigger point massage therapy gives faster and longer-lasting results.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center has over three dozen massage therapists trained in neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy. We’re rated #1 in LA and we want to help you with trigger point pain, no matter where you’re feeling it. Most people enjoy incredible relief after a single session, but when it comes to long-standing pain or ongoing stress, regular sessions may be the best choice to deal with the problem. Either way, it’s important for you to know that there is a way to manage your issue without resorting to drugs or surgery. Give trigger point massage therapy a try. You could be pain-free by tonight.

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