Free Yourself From Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Most of us have experienced back pain at one time or other, but has it ever occurred to you that the ache in your back might also be related to migraines, knee pain, or even digestive troubles? The connection between these seemingly unrelated problems is a little-known substance called fascia.

Fascia is like a long, continuous roll of (natural) plastic wrap that runs through the body. Under a microscope, fascia looks a lot like a spider’s web or a fishing net. Fascia is strong. It can withstand a ton of pressure — literally. But because fascia is continuous like a net, if a thread gets damaged in one part, you could very well feel it elsewhere. These ‘snags’ can develop into trigger points, or hypersensitive areas that are tiny but really pack a punch. The effects of trigger points in neck or back muscles can be felt from head to toe.

While the body is pretty good at protecting itself, it’s not as good as relaxing once the danger is passed. This means that you might still feel aches and pains from injuries you suffered weeks, months or even years ago. When pain doesn’t go away, it becomes known as chronic pain, and a lot of people — more than 100 million Americans — suffer from this problem. Chronic pain can go on for a long time, even decades. This is where trigger point therapy comes in, because unlike the delicate work of a spider’s web, your fascia can be reset.

Trigger point therapy and neuromuscular massage were especially created to restore muscles to their natural state, relieving pain, and increasing your range of motion, energy and overall well-being. The massage therapists at Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center are experts at releasing trigger points. While most of our clients experience amazing relief after their first session, many choose to schedule regular treatments to keep feeling their best. There is no reason to be caught in a web of pain and suffering. Give us a call today.

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