Stiffness, soreness, and pain in back and neck muscles are an epidemic unto themselves. Pain in your back and neck often leads to headaches, migraines, and just generally feeling lousy.

Standard medicine often diagnose the problem as tension headaches, herniated discs, facet syndrome, or any number of other issues.
Pills may dull the pain for a short time, but it always comes back. Why is it so hard to work out the pain in your neck? For one thing, the anatomy of the neck is anything but simple. The neck itself has lots of muscles, and there are plenty more outside the neck that could be causing the problem. Then there’s the issue of what people will tell you is the reason your neck is giving you trouble. The truth is that most neck pain is not caused by accidents, injuries, arthritis, or degenerating discs.

Trigger points are far and away the most common culprit behind pain in back and neck muscles. What are trigger points? They’re small areas of tension within the belly of the muscle. Most people have never even heard of trigger points. If they’re new to you, you can think of them as micro-cramps in your muscles. They’re tiny, but they inflict a lot of suffering. Trigger points are tricky. Besides causing pain on site, they also can send it elsewhere. This is known as referred pain.

In other words, your neck pain problem may be coming from somewhere else besides your neck.

The actual trigger point may feel tender to the touch, or it may feel hard, knotty, or ropey. It may even give an electrical sensation when you touch it. Trigger points can be latent or active.

Latent trigger points cause general stiffness and make you feel old. Active trigger points can be so painful it can be hard to breathe or even move. Trigger points are very common in the neck and back, but they can appear virtually anywhere throughout the body.

Typical doctors will prescribe pain pills or perhaps surgery, but even extreme measures do not always solve the issue because they do not address the root of the problem. Trigger point massage, also known as neuromuscular therapy, was developed specifically to release trigger points.

Trigger point massage offers a natural way to get long-lasting relief, restore range of motion, and to allow you to feel like your old, pain-free self.

Even if you’ve been in pain for weeks, months, or even years, trigger point massage and neuromuscular therapy are proven to work.

Most people experience measurable relief after just one appointment.

For those whose lifestyle or work demand it, regular sessions help you keep your body working the way it should.

Los Angeles’ own Massage Revolution The Back & Neck Relief Center is the biggest trigger point massage treatment clinic in the world.

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