For Posture Problems, Try Trigger Point Massage Therapy


Even before the pandemic, a lot of us were doing more than our fair share of sitting. Now with almost our whole life lived through a screen, the problem has only gotten worse. The human body was designed for movement, not slouching in a chair, and all this sitting around is taking its toll. Poor posture is a big problem when it comes to pain in back and neck muscles, and activating and exacerbating trigger points. But the point here isn’t to add to your stress. It’s to let you know there is a drug-free, surgery-free solution to your pain: trigger point massage therapy.

One typical posture problem is rounded shoulders and head too far forward as we lean toward the screen. Another one is head to the side to hold the phone against the shoulder. And then there’s the all too familiar slouching. Poor posture leads to tight, weak muscles on one side of the body and overdeveloped, stressed muscles on the other. Poor posture is one of the most common causes behind trigger point pain in back and neck muscles. Trigger points themselves are one of the biggest causes of pain and soreness in the body, and they can also be one of the
most miserable because of the way the pain spreads out.

Trigger points, aka muscle knots, can be imagined as tiny, cramped spots in muscles. They can cause stiffness and limit range of motion, and they can also be so painful that they make it hard to think about anything else. Trigger points can also refer, meaning send, pain elsewhere. For example, a trigger point in the neck can send pain shooting up into your head. This can sometimes make it hard to understand where the problem is coming from, but that’s where we come in.

Unlike pain pills that only offer a temporary fix, neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy focus on finding and releasing the source of the problem. Often a single session is all it takes to experience incredible relief from trigger point pain. Depending on the size of the trigger points, how long you’ve had them, and if the cause is recurring (you probably can’t quit your job), regular sessions may be preferable. With 35+ massage therapists specially trained in neuromuscular massage, Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center is the best place to go to solve your trigger point problems. We’re #1 rated in LA, and we’re here to help you get lasting relief from your pain.

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