First Things First – Relieve Your Pain With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trigger points are small but incredibly sensitive areas in your muscles that can cause intense pain in neck and back muscles, or anywhere in the body. A primary or central trigger point might be the result of an injury, repetitive stress or even happen due to oddball circumstances, such as having an air conditioning vent blowing on you all day long. If you’ve tried pain killers, muscle relaxants and other common treatments for your pain without success, read on. Neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy can provide the relief you’re looking for, all without drugs or surgery.

Trigger point pain can take on a surprising number forms. Besides the all-too-common nagging pain in neck and low back muscles, trigger points can cause wide-spread stiffness, tingling or a dull ache that makes the day drag. They might show up as a headache, sciatica, carpel tunnel or tendonitis. Trigger points can also hit you with intense zingers that leaves you breathless.

But while injury, accidents, poor posture, and under- or overuse can cause a trigger point to develop, it doesn’t always stop there. Satellite trigger points often pop up near the primary one, and sometimes secondary trigger points can also appear. A secondary trigger point usually happens as a result of compensating for the original problem. So for example, if you have a sedentary job, primary trigger points can develop in low back muscles from sitting in the same posture for hours on end, and secondary points can spring up in the hip flexors and thighs due to shortening of the muscles from disuse, aka, atrophy. Looking at your phone or computer screen for long periods of time can cause ‘text neck,’ and often results in painful trigger points in neck muscles that can shoot up into the head or down the arms as the muscles in your neck strain to hold up that head that weighs as much as a bowling ball.

The therapists at Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center are all certified in neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy . We’re pros at finding all your trigger points , whether primary, secondary, satellite or any other kind, and you’ll likely feel incredible relief after a single session. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Trigger point massage is just plain old good.

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