Ditch your Headaches with Trigger Point Massage Therapy

We’ve had a lot of downs in 2020: less going in to the office, less travel, less face-to-face social interaction. But other things are up. For example, there’s been an exponential explosion of the wearing of sweatpants. We’ve also seen a sharp increase in things like back pain and headaches. While these last two aren’t something to get psyched about, there is a natural, drug-free way to manage them. If you’ve been getting more than your fair share of headaches lately, give trigger point massage therapy a try.

Trigger points can cause a lot of different symptoms: pain in back and neck muscles, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, and headaches. Trigger points come in two flavors: latent and active. Latent ones usually only hurt when you press on them, and often cause mild symptoms such as stiffness, tightness, and a general feeling of soreness, whereas active trigger points can feel like you’ve got a knife stuck in you. Trigger points can also send or refer pain elsewhere. Thus, a trigger point in your trapezius muscle can show up in the form of a headache.

Where do these little nasties come from? Trigger points can crop up for different reasons, but a couple of common ones are incorrect posture and sitting too long, especially when you toss in the added component of staring at a screen. But even if you don’t know where your trigger points came from, you can find relief from them with neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy.

Massage Revolution’s Back & Neck Relief Center is LA’s #1 rated massage clinic. We are open, ready and willing to help relieve your headache pain, and any other issues you may have caused by trigger points. The usual feedback we get from clients after their first session is one of incredible relief, but in the case of headaches, eye strain and the unavoidable screen time that often causes them, regular sessions may be your best option. No matter what you decide, you do have better, more natural choices than popping pain pills all day long. Find relief today with a session of trigger point massage therapy.

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