Deep Tissue Massage Helps Heal Muscle Stiffness – Manhattan Beach, CA

blankDeep muscle tissue can become stiff and painful when you move your body incorrectly, when it is repeatedly stretched, has trigger points, or used repetitively in exercise or sports. Essentially, when this happens stiffness and trigger points can restrict range of motion because of the pain that results when you try to move it. This pain is a result of muscle knots called trigger points and scar tissue that occurs when the muscle is overly strained.

Deep tissue sport massage can help relieve this pain and stiffness. This specialized therapy is applied to athletes and sports enthusiasts who commonly experience deep muscle tissue stiffness from practicing and performing the same sport or exercise regularly. Deep tissue sport massage therapy helps release muscle knots and scar tissue. Slowly, it stretches muscles to increase range of motion and flushes away lymphatic toxins. This will help hasten the healing process of strained muscles, trigger points, and correct muscle imbalances.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is expected after deep tissue sport massage therapy. This is due to muscular micro-tears that occurs within the fascia. Patients are shown how to perform light stretches to prevent the muscles from healing in a shortened state and rather, to regain their full health with better range of motion and muscular contraction.

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