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Did You Know?


Between 15-40% of people injured in a motor vehicle accident will suffer long-lasting, chronic pain?


Whiplash not only increases the chances of developing chronic neck pain, but it’s also correlated with an increase in systemic health effects – causing the entire body to become more easily sick and injured.


Very close to 100% of all whiplash-induced chronic pain sufferers also suffered psychological effects such as depression along with the whiplash – and that psychotherapy wasn’t able to treat those psychological effects (or the pain that caused them)


Seventeen Years after a whiplash injury occurred, 55% of people studied were still suffering from the pain that their original trauma caused.


If your doctor deems your whiplash severe enough to warrant a cervical collar, there is a 90% chance that you will still be suffering from severe neck pain six months later.


One in fifty whiplash sufferers will have pain and problems so severe that they will require ongoing medical evaluations and prescription-level drug support seven and a half years later.


1% of all people on Earth will suffer chronic neck pain based on a whiplash injury at some point during their lives.

The Automobile Is One of the Deadliest Devices on Earth

Two cars crashedStatistically, the average American will be in one significant motor vehicle accident every decade. Car crashes have been the leading cause of death among American children for decades. More than one hundred times as many Americans have died from auto accidents than have died of terrorist attacks or terrorism-related activities since (and including) 9/11. More than two and a half times as many Americans have died in car accidents than have been killed in wars since Henry Ford first began mass-producing automobiles.

And that’s just the deaths. Hundreds of millions more Americans than that have been profoundly injured – and all of those injuries have a massive effect on our economy, our personal lives, and our health care bills.

What Can We Do?

Before we can address those injuries, we need to understand them. We need to know:


What parts of the body are damaged in a whiplash collision?


What parts are the primary causes of chronic whiplash pain?


What parts of the neck and shoulders are able to be addressed by soft-tissue therapy, neuromuscular and therapeutic massage?

As it happens, all three of those answers are nearly identical: the tissues that surround and support the spine, including the facet joints and the disc joints.

The logical conclusion is that many whiplash patients will develop severe pain that can be more effectively addressed by therapeutic massage.

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