Can Massage Improve Bad Posture

Can Massage Improve Bad Posture?

When your mother tells you to stand up straight, listen to her. Bad posture can cause a world of problems. It can cause back pain, joint degeneration, spinal dysfunction, rounded shoulders, a potbelly, and digestive issues. Fortunately, there are methods to correct bad posture including massage and posture alignment therapy.

What Causes Bad Posture?

  • Injuries: If you become injured, you may adopt an unhealthy posture to avoid pain.
  • Muscle tension and weakness: Routine tasks can cause you to use muscles unequally.Some muscles become tense, and others are weak. The imbalance can lead to poorposture.
  • Stress: Stress causes muscles to contract and could compromise your posture.
  • Shoe choice: Unsupportive shoes can cause misalignment. If you tend to wear out the inside or outside of your shoe faster, your body can become misaligned.
  • Hereditary conditions: In some instances, bad posture can be hereditary. For example,
    you may inherit Scheuermann’s disease which can occur in adolescent boys.

What are the Effects of Bad Posture?

  • The curvature of the spine: Prolonged bad posture habits can cause the natural curves in the spine to change shape.
  • Increased Injury Risk: Poor posture can reduce the spine’s ability to absorb shock and increase the risk of injury.
  • Back pain: Bad posture puts strain on your back, shoulders, neck, and tailbone. It can flatten your backbone.
  • Headaches: Poor posture strains your posterior muscles causing tightness in the neck. It may lead to neck pain and headache.
  • Difficulty Sleeping: Improper posture tightens your muscles making it difficult to relax at night.
  • Poor Digestion: Bad posture can compress your organs, slow your digestive process, and cause stomach issues.

Can Massage Improve Bad Posture?

Once a person’s body gets used to bad posture, it can be difficult to reverse. It reduces the range of motion and restricts muscles. Eventually, poor posture becomes a default position.

Massage helps poor posture by loosening muscles. It makes it easier for people to achieve a healthy posture position. It also reduces pain associated with poor posture.

Combine Massage with Posture Alignment Therapy

For best results, combine massage with posture alignment therapy. The technique involves stretches and gentle exercises that restore functionality to the muscles and joints. It strengthens muscles making it easier for them to regain their proper alignment.

Prevent Posture Issues

You can prevent posture issues by:

  • Paying attention to your body- ensure you are in a healthy posture position
  • Stretching: If you find yourself hunched up at work, take regular stretch breaks
  • Exercise: Exercise regularly to retain muscle strength and balance
  • Use Ergonomic Furniture: Ergonomic furniture and equipment such as office chairs, lumbar rolls, and supportive pillows and mattresses will keep your spine aligned

Massage Revolution Can Address Poor Posture Issues

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