Boost Your Immunity With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

You may not have ever given it much thought, but the nervous system and immune system are interconnected. The immune system is a complex network designed to protect you from invaders and disease, while pain can be considered a sort of alarm bell. When the body is threatened, the brain and nerves send out orders to deal with the problem. The body gathers its troops to fight back for as long as necessary, but if the battle, aka pain, goes on for a long time, there is a cost to be paid as resources are used up and energy is directed away from other important functions. Just as soldiers can’t do their best without sometimes taking a rest, chronic pain depletes the immune system by making it work overtime. One out of every ten Americans have experienced chronic pain, and it is estimated that some 1.5 billion people suffer from the condition worldwide. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting longer than 3 months. By relieving your chronic pain, you can strengthen your immunity. Almost by definition, chronic pain is hard to get rid of, but it possible to free yourself from pain without drugs or surgery. Trigger point massage therapy can offer complete relief from your chronic pain, and improve your overall health

While you probably know exactly what chronic pain is, you may not know that trigger points are the most common cause of chronic pain. Trigger points are small but highly sensitive spots that often occur in the low back, neck, but they can crop up anywhere. They cause issues from migraine to plantar fasciitis, and plenty of other problems in between.

Chronic pain does more than depress your immunity, it’s an overall downer. Over 75% of chronic pain sufferers say they feel depressed, and one out of every five say the pain disrupts their sleep. It is well-documented that insufficient sleep leads to lowered immunity and an increase of risk of getting sick.

The good news in all this is that neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy go to the source of the problem and can permanently relieve your pain, even if you’ve been suffering for years. While many people experience relief after just a single session of neuromuscular massage , some, due to the nature of their work, lifestyle or stress load, prefer to make regular appointments. The massage therapists at Massage Revolution are allhighly trained specialists, and we’re here to support you and your health and wellness goals.
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