Best Massage Treatments for Acute and Chronic Pain

Pain is an issue commonly treated with massage. But it’s essential to determine if you have acute or chronic pain. The diagnosis will help your therapist customize a wellness plan best suited to your needs.

Acute vs. Chronic Pain

Acute and chronic pain vary in their duration and causes. Acute pain will typically last seven to thirty days. It is linked to an identifiable cause such as a surgery or accident.

Chronic pain can last months or even years. It can be linked to a disease like lupus or muscular dystrophy, or it may be related to overuse issues. Some chronic pain sufferers are unaware of what’s causing their issues.

Doctors and massage therapists can determine if pain is chronic or acute by asking questions like “How long have you been experiencing the pain?” “Are there certain movements that make the pain worse?” “Does it hurt to be touched in a specific area?”

Different Treatments of Acute and Chronic Pain

Your massage therapist will determine if your pain is chronic or acute. Then they will customize a plan best suited for your needs. Here are some examples of therapies that may be included.

Acute Pain

Acute pain will require fewer sessions. The pain will typically resolve within one or two sessions. Therapies may include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This intense massage treatment targets injured muscles. The therapist must apply enough pressure to provide relief without making the pain worse.
  • Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is a gentler technique. It promotes circulation which is conducive to healing.
  • Lymphatic Massage: This massage technique is effective in reducing excess fluid, swelling, and dead cells. It is often used to reduce pain and promote healing after surgery.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain treatments can go on for months or even years. They may be accompanied by physical therapy and lifestyle changes. Recommended massage techniques include:

  • Trigger Point Massage Therapy: Trigger point massage therapy is effective at breaking up knots and adhesions that form over muscle fibers. It creates more space around the joints. It reduces pain and improves the range of motion.
  • Cross-Fiber Therapy: Cross-fiber therapy targets tight muscles that get locked up and sensitive. The technique involves transverse friction which relieves tension and soreness.
  • Mindful Adjustments: Mindful adjustments are effective in relieving work-related injuries. They help a person relearn how to perform tasks like typing at the computer and holding a hammer. They relieve pain and prevent re-injury.

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