Back Pains: Why Do I Need Maintenance Care?

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The pain in the lower left side of your back has you down, and you’ve missed work again. It seems every day you deal with some level of aching, soreness, and decreased range of motion. But today it’s excruciating. As you pick up your phone you think, “I should have made an appointment for a neuromuscular trigger point massage a long time ago.”

Back pains are the cause of at least 264 million missed days of work per year. Non-specific low back pain (nsLBP) is one of the most common – and costly – healthcare issues today. It’s the leading cause of absences from work and the main cause of activity limitation, not only in the US but around the world.

So, you’re far from alone. When it comes to pain, many people don’t seek out a healthcare specialist until it becomes unbearable – even if the pain is an ongoing problem. This is where maintenance care fits in.

If you have chronic pain– including upper back muscle pain – maintenance care may be just what you need. A neuromuscular therapist performs advanced bodywork, including trigger-point massage and deep tissue massage. The muscle release from this work provides relief from the pain. When this is done regularly (perhaps once every four to six weeks), the relief lasts longer and longer.

If you want to reduce your back pain and improve your range of movement, getting regular neuromuscular trigger point massage may reduce your current pain and lower your risk of future back pain. It can also minimize the severity of your pain if you do experience it in the future.

Recent studies say that maintenance care helps reduce the risk of future issues, such as upper back muscle pain, lower back pain, and general back pain. A study published last year found that people who received ongoing maintenance care rather than on an as-needed basis experienced nearly 13 fewer days suffering with nsLBP during the following year.

Managing your pain doesn’t have to be a singular effort. Between you and your neuromuscular therapist, you can minimize your discomfort.

Neuromuscular therapists recommend you do the following to help alleviate your back pain:

  • Develop a fitness routine
  • Performing specific exercises suggested by your neuromuscular therapist
  • Self-treating trigger points
  • Regular neuromuscular deep tissue massage (maintenance care)






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This information should not be substituted for medical advice. Any and all healthcare concerns, decisions, and actions must be done
through the advice and counsel of a healthcare professional who is familiar with your updated medical history.

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