A Commitment To Safety Covid19


In affiliation with and subject to the guidance of Dr. McClain and in accordance with public health directives, we are open and offering medically appropriate services addressing pain relief and other needs. Please note that we are continuing to suspend certain services that are deemed non-medical or spa-like until we receive clearance from local authorities and safe to do so. For all services that we provide, we have adopted strict safety protocols.


Your Safety is Top Priority!


Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Wellness Memo


When Governor Newsom issued the executive order directing Californians to shelter in place and discontinue business operations except with regard to critical infrastructure, we closed our doors. Even though we provide healthcare services – a critical sector that was permitted to remain open – the initial order limited elective care, leading us to suspend operations until we could understand and adapt to the health risks. 

Under the oversight of Dr. McClain, we have now had the opportunity to confer with public health authorities and obtain the guidance to enable us to reopen.  In consultation with public health experts, we have adopted best practices on new safety protocols, including:

            1. Screening:  Actively screening and monitoring the workforce and patients to avoid any person who is sick, symptomatic, or has a high risk of exposure. 

            2. Distancing: Implementing key steps to reduce exposure by utilizing technology and making logistical changes in the space to reduce close contact.

            3. PPE:  Requiring our personnel, clients and patients to wear personal protective equipment to reduce exposure risks during contact.

            4. Cleaning:  Taking additional steps to sterilize all equipment and ensure cleaning and disinfection of all objects and surfaces before and after all encounters.

            5. Quarantining:Actively managing our workforce and patients to require at least a 14-day quarantine for any person who had a high risk of exposure, symptoms, or illness.


Subject to these new protocols, we are resuming – in connection with the guidance of Dr. McClain – care and treatment that is deemed medically appropriate by our team of medical professionals. This includes addressing both pain management and care that improves wellness and emotional well-being. We rely upon medical guidance to determine which services are medically appropriate, sometimes on a case by case basis. We are continuing to suspend certain services that are deemed non-medical until we receive clearance from local authorities.


For any questions about our policies, please email us at Michael@MassageRevolution.com or call us at 310-798-4263



All workforce, clients, and patients are:

  • Required to have a temperature check before entering clinic. 
  • Actively measure individuals’ temperatures. A fever is 100°F (99.6 if age 65+) 
  • Asked to stay home if experiencing any of these symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills, repeated shaking with chills, or new loss of taste or smell. 
  • Asked to stay home if they’ve been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19



  • Clients and patients booked booked 15 mins apart
  • Remote check-in via dedicated cellphone: call on arrival + to come in 
  • We ask all clients/patients to wait in car, for our front desk/staff to call them when ready to start treatment/appointment. 
  • Appointments spaced out and staggered to avoid contact with anyone except your practitioner. 
  • Waiting area closed
  • Limit maximum patient capacity in office at one time 



  • Hospital-grade cleaning disinfectants and cleaning solutions 99.99% effective to destroy harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria.
  • Clean and disinfect treatment rooms before and after every service.
  • Use frequent hand sanitizing procedures. Our office is probably the cleanest safest place you can be around.
  • Every therapist washes hands after every client. They must thoroughly wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after touching guests, before touching clean linens, and after visiting the bathroom
  • Spraying, wiping, and gelling surfaces to do our best to ensure the safety of clients and our team
  • We’re disinfecting common surfaces constantly!
  • After every session, linens are removed and replaced in the treatment room. 
  • Frequently handled objects like phones, keyboards, toilets, door handles, massage stools and tables, counter tops, and cabinets are regularly cleaned with a disposable disinfectant and sanitizing cloth.
  • UV C Light Sanitizer used on surfaces that cannot be cleaned, kills 99.9 percent of virus and bacteria
  • HEPA-certified air purifiers for every single treatment room and common area.


What are you doing about guests who may be ill?
You and our staffs health and safety are top priority. In addition to these everyday steps above, we’re extra diligent to ensure staff exhibiting any signs or symptoms of illness, including acute respiratory illness, remain home. Likewise, if a guest with an upcoming appointment isn’t feeling well, they’re told to please give us a call to reschedule their appointment.


Here’s How We’re Investing in Your Health!
To prioritize your health and wellness, we purchased HEPA-certified air purifiers for every single treatment room and common area. These Air Purifiers…

  • Quietly replaces the air 4 times per hour
  • 99.97% Purification with a 4-Stage Filtration System that can filter particles as small as 0.01 mil, as large as pet dander, dust, pollen, and allergens
  • Centrifugal Blower – fresh air spirals up towards the ceiling, circulating 320° in all directions to fill the room before being drawn back into the purifier
  • Effectively pumps clean air into every corner of your home with 202ft² coverage range
  • The purification process begins with 355 inlets which increase air intake
  • All staff are further dedicating even more time and effort to constantly sanitize and disinfect all areas.


How We Help to Boost Your Immunity!
Enjoy a complimentary packet of Emergen-C* when you walk in

  • Contains high dosages of Vitamin C
  • Key antioxidants to support your immune system
  • B Vitamins to enhance energy naturally


3 Scientific Studies Proving Massage Boosts Your Immune System Function to help combat viruses!
One study in 2010 found that a single Swedish massage session lowered the stress hormone cortisol while increasing the number of white blood cells while another study found that weekly massage therapy increased the immune cell levels and white blood cells in every single subject involved. Regular massage therapy not only helped to steady immune system function, but it reduced stress levels and improved their quality of life.

With that in mind, our “Immune Boosting” expert Massage Therapists will soon be standing by ready to keep you healthy, active, and pain-free!

…Call today for guaranteed relief and results!


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