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Ending Back Pain, Part V: “Walk Away Your Back Pain?”

Scientists are in the middle of having this really profound, revolutionary revelation: the human body evolved to do the stuff that we used to do a few thousand years ago. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it has a lot of very profound implications for everything from what we eat to how we hurt ourselves.

Ending Back Pain, Part IV: “Why Does My Back Hurt at Work?”

Back pain -- especially lower back pain -- is probably the single most common complaint in American society. Some people have genetic factors that make them more inclined toward back pain than others; some have injuries they got in high school or earlier that changed the way they stand or walk that resulted in long-term, low-grade muscle strain.

Ending Back Pain, Part II: “When Back Surgery Goes Bad”

Every year, America's surgeons perform hundreds of thousands of back surgeries -- it's one of the most common surgical operations in the country. Discectomies, laminectomies, spinal fusions -- the number of variations on 'back surgery' is amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that most of these surgeries are perfectly avoidable if the initial herniated or slipped disc is treated properly and promptly.

Ending Back Pain, Part I: “The 5 Step Secret to End Back Pain Naturally”

The biggest problem that modern medicine has trying to address something as commonplace as back pain is that modern medicine is built from the get-go on the scientific process that involves eliminating variables and narrowing everything down to a single traceable cause.

Best Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Los Angeles

To find the best deep tissue therapist in Los Angeles, invest a bit in learning more about the industry. If you've ever been to a spa and received a massage that is anything but enjoyable, you know how frustrating it is to hand over any payment.