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Wait…Your Lower Back Pain When Sitting May Continue Unless You Read This!

Do you sit all day with your “perfect” chair and still suffer from lower back pain?  Sitting is one of the biggest culprits to lower back, hip, knee and all sorts of chronic pain.  As human beings, your  body’s design and “blueprint” is for motion, whether for walking, running, even skipping.

Here’s Why Cave Men Didn’t Have Back Pain

Have you ever heard the saying “just lose a few pounds and your low back pain will disappear?” While it’s fairly common knowledge that too many extra pounds often leads to back pain, there’s certain diets and food to avoid that help too!

Are Regular Walking Exercises For Lower Back Pain Good For You

Scientists long concluded the human body is made for motion, especially walking,  to keep a strong and stable lower back. This was after lengthy studies of its design and upright good posture. Despite this fact, many people rarely every walk.

What’s the Best Pillow for Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain?

With so many pillow options on the market today, no wonder people are so confused as to the best pillow for neck and back pain. There are pillows for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers, and insomniacs!